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Machinery.(list 2).

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100 000 RUB
Horizontal boring machine 2б635.
horizontal boring machine 2н636гф1 1980, V.
horizontal boring machine 2611пф2. Podsypaya electrician mechanics almost new.
longitudinal planing 7112 table 1100х4000мм a good working comp.
planing with a milling caliper 7г228жф11 1991.in. table 2500х8000мм.
plaining 7а256 table 2000х6000мм.
milling 6м612ф11.23 1986.in.
milling 6672 1964.in. table 2500х8000мм weight 170тн
milling 6610 1970.in. table 1000х4000мм.
milling 6620у 1986.in.
lathe 1680 2000х10000мм.
turning, boring, 1556 1954.in.
turning, boring, 1551, work. 1954.in.
vertically broaching 7633, 1987.in. in good working condition.
bending machine hydraulic K10.4.30.01 2005. In perfect condition.
grinding machine 3е642 1987, V.
btcentralplus Sasl125x250.
grinding 5в833 1985, V.
lathe with slant bed CNC Стп220ап 1988 V.
lathe 1м65-5000 1986 V.
lathe 165 -2800 1974 V.
boring machine CNC 2550ос1000пмф4 – 1988 mechanic V. new electrics Sipan.
radial drill 2 units 2м55.
bending machine Иг1330 1991гв and crank Shears with inclined blade На3121 12х2000мм 1989.
horizontal milling 6р81г - new without exploitation.
horizontal milling 6р83 G. V.
milling 6р13 no engine. To recover.
imported milling Mh400.
vertical CNC milling 6р13 F3.
Gidropress us 10 tons khekkert.
crank press us 160тн.
Slotting 7а420 complete slave.
cylindrical grinding 3б151п.
cylindrical grinding centerless 3е183а 1988 V.
cylindrical grinding centerless 3а184.
high-precision cylindrical grinding 3у12ус.
sphere MK 63.
surface grinding 3б722.
this special khekkert lathe Dh250/3.
turret lathe universal 1е365п 1989.
drilling 2н118 84 G. V.
transverse planing 7д36.
guillotine ос8949 4х2500мм 1991, V.
crank sheet shears with inclined blade Нк3414 2х1700мм 2005.
semi-automatic cylindrical grinding mortise 3м153 Аф11. The year of issue. 1988.
shaping Е3с-175-1. The year of issue. 1996.
screw-cutting lathe Samat 400s. The year of issue. 2001
screw-cutting lathe 1в62г. The year of issue. 2003
cylindrical grinding Gindex Bsb-500. The year of issue. 2005.
screw-cutting lathe 1k62. The year of issue. 2003.
screw-cutting lathe 1м63. The year of issue. 2003.
gear hobbing 5K 35 UA. The year of issue. 1975.
versatile Milling 676п. The year of issue. 1975.
lathe 16к25 1979, V.
lathe 16к20ф1 1991, V.
lathe 1м63мф101 1980, V.
lathe Стп220 1989.
lathe 1k62 1961 V.
lathe 16б25пс 1978 V.
radial drilling 2а554 1986 V.
vertical drilling 2н135 1978 V.
milling Fqs400 1980, V.
vertical milling 6т12ф20 1989.
shaping Езс730-34 1991-V.
5140 gear shaping, 1977..
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