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Machinery.(list 1).

Voronezh | Added: 11 January 2019 number: 110357
    Vertical milling 6р12б , 1973.in good working condition.
    versatile milling 6т80ш , 1990.in perfect condition.
    versatile milling 6р82ш , 1974.in good working condition.
    slotting 7а420 , 1976.in. In good working condition.
    machine for gas cutting of SGU 1-60 in working condition.
    rolls Ив2424ф1. In good condition.
    rolls Иб2220 In good working condition.
    vertical drilling 2н135. In good working condition.
    cylindrical grinding 3м152в. In good condition.
    П6326 Hydraulic press , 1975.to Require an audit of electricians.
    gear 5с276п. In good working condition.
    5140 gear shaping , 1975.in. In good working condition.
    gear hobbing 5к328а , 1984.in excellent condition.
    surface grinding 3б722-2, 1977.in good working condition.
    combo scissors Нв5222б. In good condition.
    Mechanical press To 1430 , 1977.in. In good condition.
    bending machine Иб1430а gain 100 tone. Under the restoration.
    hammer Ма4132 , 1986.in good condition.
    postattorney Ф1734 press , 1987.in good condition.
    postattorney Press f 1730а In good condition, dismantled for electrical.
    transverse planing 7д37 , 1977.in excellent condition.
    press Кд2128к. In good working condition.
    vertical milling 6р12 , 1977.in good condition.
    mechanical press Кб5530. Mechanica no wear, requires electrical repairs.
    radial drilling 2м55 , 1974.in good condition.
    lathe 16k20 , 1985.in good condition.
    П6320 Hydraulic press , 1976.in. In good condition.
    П6326 hydraulic Press , 1975.in. Under the restoration.
    lathe 1а64 , 1974.in RMC 2800 mm. Under restoration.
    bending machine Ив1330 1987.in length of prism - 2500mm. Under the restoration.
    bending machine И1434ап , us.250тон. the length of the prism 5050мм. In good working condition.
    press П6324б. Under the restoration.
    rolls Иб2220 1984.in Slavgorod. In good condition.
    radial drilling 2м55. Under the restoration.
    bending NCC 20A, 1988.in good comp
    jig boring 2е450аф1-1 1986.in. in very good condition.
    hydraulic press П6326 1984.in. table 550х630 in good working condition.
    press postattorney Ф1730а 1983.in. 100тн efforts. not complete on the electrics.
    press machine for production of metal powders К8130.
    press machine for products from powders Ка0624 2pcs.
    press the crank К2118 efforts 6, 3tn new. dismantled.
    upright drilling machine Сс49п 1965.in.
    press-scissors combined Нв5222 in working condition.
    press-scissors combined Нв5121 in working condition.
    machine ultrasonic abrasiveness electrolyte 4б772. 1976.in. in good working condition.
    machine Diamond 4M in good working condition, is not connected.
    coordinate San.rampart 32м83сф10 , 1990.in. in a perfect comp was not working on the production.
    optical profile grinding Mikromat Swpo-80 machine with no wear.
    lathes, 641 with a pantograph. condition new.
    koordinatno - special Кк1210;1985.in. dismantled in working condition.
    speratically machine MK 6033 1983 V.
    press the crank Кд2114.
    press the crank Кд2122.
    press rack with two Д2424. 1965
    lathe French press.
    the Yugoslav Press. under the restoration.
    vertical milling 6р13ф3-1 NC-N33 - 1M 1977гв
    tube Bender 40862а Tr-60A N 21, 1988, V.
    syringe press По20а 1972.in. 800тн efforts Kztm.
    9 Roller plate straightening machine Huta Zigmunt without wear.
    carterenergy Уф0724 length of treatment is up to 15000мм weight 215тн.
    horizontal boring 2622в 1974 V.
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