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Goods and toys for children

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At the market   Narmala   goods for the smallest are sold. The range of products from Russia, CIS countries and abroad. With our help, you will be able to bring your child to school, kindergarten or summer camp.

What can you buy on the site?  

The site presents children's products in the following categories:

Bicycles and scooters . In the assortment two-and three-wheeled equipment. Classic models and original solutions are offered.

Furniture items . Buyers are available tables, chairs and cabinets. In assortment of a bed and small sofas.

Baby carriages . The site implements strollers for summer and winter walks. Products differ in size, stylistic performance, functionality. Three- and four-wheeled strollers are available.

Bedding.   On   Narmala . com   there are blankets, sheets and pillows. In the presence of warm rugs and original bedspreads.

Items for swimming . Always on sale shampoos, lifebuoys and inflatable toys.

In the presence of products for children's creativity. Wax crayons, felt-tip pens, albums, paints are available to buyers.

How to purchase your favorite product?

To buy a toy, you must perform a number of simple operations:

Enter the product name in the search bar, if necessary, specify additional parameters.

Choose the right products.

Contact the seller, agree on the procedure of payment and delivery.

The goods are sold by toy stores and individuals. Visitors are invited to buy soft toys, constructors, themed sets. Get an idea of ​​the completeness of the products and their condition can be on the photo and description.

Any questions? Contact the seller by electronic form.

Shopping that brings joy

Working with   Narmala . com   you save time, money and nerves. Presented on the site ads are moderated . Administrators verify the authenticity of each lot, prevent fraudulent activities.

You no longer have to wonder where to buy toys for a birthday or a new year. Everything you need can be found on our trading platform. Complete a simple registration and get full access to the functionality of the resource.


Children's toys deserve special attention. On   Narmala . com   they are presented in huge quantities. Buyers can purchase:

  • Toy cars . Free classifieds Narmala offers lots of toys for boys. In the range of cars on the radio and full-size cars. Cheap toys for kindergarten and costly collectible solutions are offered.
  • Video games and products for them. Visitors can buy inexpensive joysticks, consoles, power supplies, game drives. The price of products depends on their condition and technical features. The range of educational games, igrushki in anime style (anime), racing simulators and exciting action games . Sellers offer a lot of portable consoles. With them, the child can play on a walk, at school or on the road.
  • Transformer robots . Children's toys anime on the same comics. Robots turn into cars, airplanes, ships. Products are popular among boys. It is ideal for kindergarten and home use.
  • Dolls and doll houses. Children's toys for girls. Dolls are available in various sizes and shapes. On sale charming baby dolls and beautiful fairies. Always available cheap children's toys and solutions from famous manufacturers. The girls will also be interested in sets of dishes, wooden combs, themed pictures for the decoration of houses.
  • Children's toys made of wood. Children's wooden toys are widespread. They are environmentally friendly , durable and safe. With the use of wood, children's educational toys, souvenirs, and various decorations are made.
  • Children's toys pictures. A special type of toys, focused on the development of kids. Products are replete with thematic images, allows you to quickly explore the letters, numbers and forms. Such products are optimal for educational institutions.
  • Children's railway toy. The railway is a welcome birthday gift for a boy. Such a gift will cause a storm of positive emotions.

Buy children toys can anyone. The cost of goods presented on   Narmala . com is at an affordable level.

How to sell available toys?

Want to realize baby doll toys? There are tablets for creating drawings, and you do not know what to do with them? In solving these issues will help Narmala . com . Here you can sell products without intermediaries and additional fees. The user will need:

  • Log in to the site . Registered visitors can complete the authorization procedure. It is enough to enter a username and password or use an account from social networks.
  • Prepare an ad . When forming the proposal, a product description is created. Of paramount importance: the state of the product, completeness, features of operation. It is desirable that the ad was present photo. It will help create a complete picture of the product.
  • Get tested . Each offer is reviewed by moderators. In the absence of errors and inaccuracies ad appears in the search.

The sale of goods is carried out by private individuals and online stores. The latter receive many advantages: the growing popularity of the main resource, the increase in turnover, the expansion of the target audience.

Increase sales will help the site functionality. Sellers have access to additional options that make ads more visible and attractive. With their help, it will be possible to: select sentences with a color frame, place the “urgent sale” icon, fix the goods in sale in the top lines of the search.

When buying a set of options, the seller is given a discount.

Advantages of the resource

Narmala users get many benefits:

  • The opportunity to purchase children's products cheap . Make a purchase will be possible with a limited budget. Many sellers sell products cheaply because of urgency or seasonal promotions.
  • Extensive communication features . Users can communicate by phone, through internal chat or social networks. Questions related to the delivery, price and condition of the goods are solved in a short time.
  • Trade at the world level . Narmala is represented in the EU, North and South America. Visitors can purchase original products not available in their country.

The administration is working on the development of the site. New features are being introduced, options for buyers and sellers are offered.

Sections worth visiting

The site presents products of various orientations:

  • For home . Products useful in everyday life. Buyers are offered furniture, household appliances, materials for construction and repair.
  • For business . In the sale of specialized equipment, promotional products, all kinds of raw materials.
  • Hobbies and recreation . Products for a fun and pleasant stay. Products are sold to lovers of antiquity and collectors.

Narmala . com is a comprehensively developed site. Acquainted with her closer, you will find a lot of interesting.