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To write an article I decided not only to cover all the advantages of our desktop, and yet, because accumulated useful information, which we daily inform our customers that we call and write, and we to them gladly respond and help with this.
Paper or interlining
Almost all ask what we have Wallpapers, paper or non-woven. For this to go into the question, let's deal with features.
In stores you will come across different types of canvases: vinyl Wallpapers on non-woven, vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis, paper Wallpaper.
Vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven basis is a great type of Wallpapers. Due to the non-woven framework process labels simple, even if you glue them yourself provided that you have not curve hands. Prepare the wall according to the instructions that our clients get included with the finished mural, smear glue on the wall and attach the sheet to the wall, smooth dry stitcher roller. The ease of the process lies in the fact that it is not necessary to smear with glue non-woven cloth Wallpaper, smear just a wall. Who would put a normal Wallpaper to me will understand and appreciate these benefits: not smeared with glue floor, knees don't hurt, on the Wallpaper, no stains from glue etc.
Vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis. Inferior to convenience of pasting vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven basis, so as to smear the adhesive will have and the wall and a paper basis. So if you want to glue yourself, you do not recommend. If gluing, the papering, he is also a man, give him the opportunity to work with quality materials. Even if in the process of gluing it!, there is a chance to hear unflattering reviews about your chosen Wallpaper with paper based.
Paper Wallpapers – economy version and yesterday. Glue uncomfortable and impractical. We are not offered even in promotions and not printable even for charity orders.
The materials of the canvases out. Now let's talk about the paints that we use for drawing the image on the canvas and on the criteria for evaluating print quality.
Print desktop we use pigment alchemila for Wallpaper. They don't smell like solvent, well-absorbed, perfectly capture the nuances and steadily held the color for over 17 years, allows to wipe the Wallpaper with a soft damp sponge.
The mural should not have abrupt noticeable smell, in simple language, they should not smell like solvent. When choosing smell them. If you remember chemistry lessons and you say that this pungent odor will quickly disappear, do not believe. In this case, the art is not worth sacrificing for. If feel only a very light smell of paint, it is after pasting the Wallpaper disappears for a few days.
The factors described below, check according to the following scheme
If you buy a ready-made mural in the shop: ask the seller to open the tube with Wallpapers, sniffing them, ask the seller to provide the texture samples manufacturer photowall and just lightly RUB your wet finger. The mural should not stink and the finger should not be paint.
If you buy a desktop which will be made on your order when already agreed on the size of the image, the texture of paintings of Wallpaper, be sure to order the color proof. This additional cost of time and money, but it will save you from disappointments. The manufacturer will not accept any claims without proof. For the proof we conduct the same steps as in the previous paragraph.
Check out hue, the absence of bands of pixels (squares) on the printed color proof. If, upon inspection of the proofs there are streaks in the image, for sure they will be on the finished mural. The band say that the print was made either obsolete equipment or equipment not designed for printing photo Wallpapers. If you see a strong blur or squares (pixels), it means that the image selected for printing Wallpapers is not of high quality. If desktop much stink paint, use cheap paint harmful.
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