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Volgograd | Added: 10 July 2018 number: 86177
Address: Volgograd, Елецкая 12, show the map
Urgently looking for partners,investors,employees at large businesses in the amount of 500.000.000 million rubles to billion rubles,the photos of our product that we build,make,collect,produce,produce finished product in order to sell,for the production of new equipment,construction,farm,supply of equipment,spare parts,tyres,wheels,discs,new,contract,used parts for cars,trucks,commercial,air,water,railroad transportation,the construction of apartments,houses,villas,commercial property,shops,bars,restaurants, there,base,camp,hotels,cafes,schools,hospitals,construction, real estate,Russia, region,abroad,sale of real estate throughout Russia,region,abroad and near abroad,the production of new aircraft, helicopters, railway equipment,new military vehicles,passenger trucks,agricultural,special utility,vintage cars motorcycles,sell supplying new,used supported transport of Russia,region,Vigna and far foreign countries,a large percentage of your investors 50% of our 40%,employees,managers,agents 10% of net preboli of our task, the supply of equipment spare parts construction real estate,search real estate ready for sale,we are the most intelligent skilled,reliable,honest,experts providers,you need product search,professionals,agents,managers,professionals need search of clients,customers,end users,real customers buyers of large wholesale purchase orders for the construction to production of finished vehicles.Our large firm located in the Volgograd region from 30 to 550 km from Volgograd,call from 8: 00-to 23-00 Moscow time from Monday to Sunday.
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Хазанов Алексей Громов Игорь
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