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Industrial oven ORESHNITSA machine

Varna | Added: 26 November 2017 number: 22219
21 600 EUR
Hello! We offer delivery from the manufacturer confectionery oven for the industrial baking of the dough pieces, cookie NUTS, JetNut 744. Sweet cookies NUTS are a very popular kind of dessert in the territory of the former USSR and countries sotslagerja. The supply of this product in the EU is almost nonexistent, and meanwhile the demand for sweet nuts there.
Our automatic machine for making blanks for cookies, nuts with condensed milk or any other cream, you will be able to provide anyone, even the biggest market of this products.
The performance of the machine during baking of semi-hard biscuit – 40 kilograms per hour.
On our machine you can set bakeware tartlets and to produce this popular all over the world products.
The performance of the machine in the manufacture of tarts – 50 kgs per hour.
The principle of operation of the furnace built on simulation manual baking the same cookies hand resnicami/tartelette. This approach gave the best results in terms of taste, consistency of the geometry done and energy costs. Restrictions on the fat content of margarine on the machine there.
Technical characteristics of the car JetNut 744:
Voltage (Volts) – 380
Installed capacity (kW) – 30
Power consumption "on the go" (kW) – 23
Overall dimensions (Length mm x Width mm x Height mm) – 3200 x 1150 x 1600
Weight (kg) 1 400
Time of continuous operation – not limited
Warm-up time before you start (minutes) – 25 minutes
Staff (persons) – 1
Water consumption, cooling (l/min, not above 40°C) not less than 3
Compressed air consumption (4mpa), not less – 50
Price without shipping cost of cars from the Russian Federation – 21 600 Euros
Price without shipping cost car from the Republic of Bulgaria – 24 000 Euros
Manufacturer's representative in the territory of the European Union and countries of Eastern Europe
The company "BAKEMON"
Nicholas Pliukhin
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