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Spare parts for the truck

Oral | Added: 12 December 2018 number: 106923
5 000 RUB
Type of equipment:: machinery 
Adapter API Sening co, cardan shaft for trucks, sensor prevent overfill Civacon Liberty 1111-007 E (length 170 mm), diaphragm valve 6606, the upper Diaphragm valve Sening co (upper and lower), valve 30кч70бр (DN-40 DN-50 DN-65 DN-80), the grounding of the tanker (the device drain static voltage), grounding for oil UZA (12V or 220V), the shutter rotatable DN-80 (NefAZ), a valve bottom (lower) 6606-8026050 (-20), Niehuser bottom valve DN 100 N14/3, the valve bottom-DKP-90 with manual override and Pneumocystis, the bottom valve on the tanker truck do 100 pneumovagina (civacon), valve respiratory 03-23-802 (UD-1), respiratory valve Civacon NV 3000 EK and Civacon T195 Sve, adapters Api quick-DN80, MBS sleeves pressure-suction corrugated (diameter 38, 50, 65, 75, 100mm), fuel canister sleeve truck left or right pipe receiving the exhaust muffler on the truck, the respiratory device UD-2 80 fire arrester, Karaban ground with a length of 10m and 30m, the ball valve is for fuel tanker KCF (du-50, Du-80, Du-100), the direct filter (du-50, Du-80) and other spare parts for fuel trucks and tankers. In the sale of equipment for AZS, AGZS, CSR, asphalt plant spare parts to the communal equipment, equipment ADR. Delivery across Russia and Kazakhstan.
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Владимир Безручкин
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