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Lawyer. Legal services of any complexity.

Ufa | Added: 17 September 2017 number: 12853
    Legal advice, representation in courts of all instances. Processing of documents (drafting of statements of claim, complaints, petitions, objections, appeals).
    Protection in Criminal, Civil and Administrative cases.
    - Criminal cases at the investigation stage, defense in court, early release.
    - Civil case:
    - Family law (marriage contract, divorce, alimony, disputes about children, property division).
    - Inheritance disputes (establishment of the legal facts of inheritance, the restoration of the term for acceptance of inheritance, the finding of acceptance of inheritance, contesting the inheritance under the will).
    - Housing disputes, disputes with housing and communal services (maintenance of real estate transactions, damage to property, challenging transactions with real estate).
    - Land disputes, recognition of the right of land ownership, disputes with registered bodies, legalization of unauthorized construction, the privatization of land, support of transactions with land, recognition of land transactions invalid.
    - Labour disputes, transfer to another job, dismissal, restoration on work, recovery of debts on wages on wages, challenging full financial responsibility, challenge employment records, contesting penalties.
    - Protection of consumer rights, terminate the contract and refund the return (replacement) of goods of proper quality, compensation for moral damage.
    - Administrative Affairs:
    - Disputes with the traffic police (challenging of fines, loss of driving rights, reimbursement of damages in case of accident).
    - Appeals against decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility.
    Arbitration disputes, economic disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, administrative disputes.
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