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The jet mixing device UPS-Avnet

Ufa | Added: 20 November 2018 number: 102959
    The jet mixing device UPS-evnet THAT 3689-002-64159991-2016
    • looking for a solution to the problem of the formation of sludge in the tank?
    • there is an acute problem in the quality of homogenization of oil or oil products stored in the tank?
    • there is a need for fast and qualitative mixing of multiple components?
    complete solution - set in tanks with oil or oil mixing device of the jet UPS-evnet THAT 3689-002-64159991-2016.
    link to video presentation
    device UPS-Avnet installed in tanks, allow you to:
    - To reduce the formation of sludge in the tank;
    - To make a profit by reducing the cost of cleaning of tanks from sludge, its transportation, disposal and payment of environmental fees;
    - Reduce the time to warm up the oil and maintain it the same temperature in the tank by intensive mixing;
    - Select the physical properties of the product throughout the volume of the reservoir;
    - In the compounding of oil and oil products - to quickly prepare the product of the best quality;
    - To receive additional profit due to the sale of the total amount of oil without leaving residue in the tank;
    To ensure uniformity of raw materials (oil or petroleum) which is necessary for stable operation of the equipment and predictable mode of technological installations for their processing;
    - During storage in the reservoir to prevent stratification of oil and oil products into light and heavy fractions;
    - To restore quality of oil product quickly and without additional tank;
    To preserve the quality and quantity of petroleum product during prolonged storage.
    and that's not all!
    more information about the device You can get:
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