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Mechanic, auto mechanic

Tyumen | Added: 11 December 2017 number: 23183

Address: Tyumen, Ялуторовский тр-кт 11КМ 1 стр 17, show the map

  • Schedule:: Full day 
You are a good , competent , talented , disciplined mechanic, electrician , master inspector.
You are not appreciated at work ?
There is no good working conditions?
You are not paid?
To Your opinion do not listen to the leadership ?
In connection with the increasing volume of work to need a SPECIALIST with experience !
We specialize in repair and maintenance of cars and jeeps . The order and delivery of spare parts . Repairs and the replacement of any units , including automatic transmission . A HUNDRED have 3 lifts, one of which is 4 rack . There is a stand "similarity COLLAPSE" and "tyre" . At the moment STO has a need for plumbers high level of technical knowledge and discipline . Maximum staff of locksmiths provides 4 people . Work schedule ( depending on the number of employees ) 5 2 or 4 2 . Room one HUNDRED and warm and well-kept , with a separate client area , which includes a TV and a cooler with drinks . Employee taken on a permanent job, provided two sets of working clothes and tools . There is a dining area for employees with the ability to reheat or cook food , store it in the fridge .
The salary is issued weekly and is dependent on qualifications , i.e. from 15000 and up to no limits!
Vacation or days off will be agreed at the meeting of the labor collective .
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