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Plastic drilling water wells

Tomsk | Added: 13 May 2018 number: 38045
1 300 RUB
Our company is engaged in drilling water wells in Tomsk and the region for more than 10 years.
action: 1300rub. for 1 meter of drilling with the casing.
installs quality UPVC pipe d=125mm.
filter synthetic life operation, since it is not happening electro-chemical corrosion unlike metal filters.
why is used plastic?
the explanation is simple - synthetic multi-layer filter that takes water from the soil, will not szlachetka, i.e. not "overgrown" crust of the metals contained in the water. The process of electrochemical corrosion, which is formed due to the occurrence of electrical potential on a metal filters, there is due to the formation of electrolytic couples: cathode-anode.
pipe and filter from the metal – anode ground - cathode, water is the electrolyte. The death of such a well is inevitable. No matter of what metal is done well. Even if you are using plastic pipe, but the metal filter is installed, the well is killed for the same reasons.
the electrochemical process of corrosion begins immediately after the metal of the well.
plastic well their properties are not conductive and, hence, the potential is not formed, and electrochemical corrosion does not occur.
the synthetic filter will not szlachetka, and the water from the aquifer into the well always comes...
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