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Clothing and shoes for adults

Work with the   Narmala . com   - this is a great opportunity to save money. A lot of clothes and shoes are sold within the site. New and used products, products of domestic and foreign brands are offered.  

Five reasons to buy clothes on   Narmala . com :

Reasonable prices . The cost of products sold is lower in comparison with the classic or online clothing store. You can buy high-quality and stylish items with a modest budget.

Rich assortment . Users can buy shoes and clothes in a different style. On the site are models for teenagers and people of the older generation.

Details of the product . Sellers of women's and men's clothing publish photos and specifications of products. Find the right solution is not difficult.

The presence of large sellers . Users can purchase clothing in bulk. This will get the maximum discount.

Security. Visitors to the site are well protected from fraudsters. The administration blocks fake ads, responds to reports of violations.

Along with men's and women's clothing sold a lot of accessories. Buyers are available jewelry for everyday use and festive ceremony.

How to quickly sell clothes?

Online   Narmala . com   You can not only purchase, but also realize personal items. Sale of women's shoes, jackets, men's shoes, suits and other products.

Quick implementation contributes to:

Filled goods card . A detailed description has to buy. Examples of the text can be found on the websites of shoe and clothing stores.

Reasonable price . Excessively high price tag will scare potential buyers. Before you set the price, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the cost of similar goods.

Use advanced options . “Highlighting” or “binding” an ad will have a positive effect on the number of views. Additional services will be inexpensive and will quickly pay off.

Get information about the work site can be in the section   help   or from full-time consultants. Experts will answer user questions, help you submit an ad.

Acquisition and sale of shoes

Narmala marketplace allows you to purchase shoes at any point of Russia. Buyers can order:

  • Shoes in Chelyabinsk.
  • Shoes in Perm.
  • Shoes in Omsk.
  • Shoes in Yaroslavl.
  • Shoes in Saratov.

Introduced domestic and Italian men's shoes. In the assortment of warm winter shoes, solutions for spring and autumn walks. Always on sale summer men's shoes. For lovers of outdoor activities, there are trekking shoes.

An important caveat: it is better to check the compliance of shoe sizes on the manufacturer’s website. This will eliminate annoying mistakes and misunderstandings. For more information on the size is also available from the seller.

Sale of clothing

The site contains thousands of offers from fashion boutiques, military clothing stores and private sellers. Visitors to the site is available:

  • Designer women's clothing . Original solutions, conquering at first sight. In the sale of branded women's clothing from leading fashion houses. The outfits differ in styling, functionality, and cut features. Italian clothing and solutions from French tailors are always available.
  • Women's clothing for autumn . Reliable and affordable products for everyday use. As a rule, these are black clothes made of easily cleaned fabrics. Black women's clothing is in harmony with shoes and accessories, with her selection there is no difficulty.
  • Gym clothes for men . Products adapted to high operational loads. Products are made from special material. It is resistant to abrasion, retains functionality in a wide range of temperatures. In assortment sportswear for the winter and autumn men's wear.
  • Clothes for the new year . Holiday outfits are presented especially widely. Buyers can purchase masquerade costumes, products for matinees and corporate celebrations. Published ads for the sale of masks, themed hoods and other accessories.

The sale of women's clothing and products for men is carried out in significant volumes. Buyers can buy wholesale clothing cheaply by contacting the relevant organizations.

Clothes from Chelyabinsk, clothes from Krasnoyarsk and other cities of the Russian Federation are being sold. Always on sale Belarusian women's clothing.

What are the benefits of online shopping?

Outlets selling clothes through Narmala . com , can count on:

  • A large amount of potential customers . The site is visited by tens of thousands of people. Placing information about existing products will significantly increase sales.
  • The growth of seller site traffic . The implementer can attach a link to the site of women's clothing. This will increase the popularity of the store, will help to talk about the product in more detail.
  • Prompt product promotion . Attract the largest number of buyers will allow additional functionality of the site. Using auxiliary options will raise the ad in search results, activates color highlighting and the “urgent sale” icon.

The cost of additional services is low, you can use them with a modest budget. Buying a full package of options will provide a 45% discount.

What can buyers expect?

Purchase items on Narmala . com offers the following benefits:

  • Buying clothes at low prices . On the site a lot of hot offers. Acquire quality and functional products with small financial losses.
  • Simple and convenient search . Find the right clothes will help search algorithm. He will select suitable offers based on the price and name of the product. Activating the “with photo” checkbox will result in displaying ads that have images.
  • Buying exclusive products . Everyone can choose stylish and bright clothes. In the sale of products from famous designers, products from private craftsmen, themed outfits. Presented products from Russia, CIS, EU countries.

Clothing search is carried out worldwide or within the target region. It all depends on the requirements of the user.

What else is on the site?

On Narmala site has a lot of useful sections:

  • Services.
  • Dating.
  • Lost / Found.
  • Animals

Along with buying and selling resource solves a lot of related issues.