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Automatic filling of the tank, afrocuba water for irrigation

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Device for automated filling of the tank with water is designed for tank or evrokuby of which is irrigation for the garden plots.
Automatic "WOW-Rodnik-АН1" UPR. the valve is available with power 220V or battery power AA.
Automatic "WOW-Rodnik-АН2" UPR. the pump comes with power 220V or battery power AA.
The principle of filling the tank has a number of advantages over the replenishment tank through the float valve. Watering will be carried out with warm water, which is not possible with replenishment of tank water float valve (principle of operation of the valve of the toilet). When replenishing the tank through the float valve allows cold water sinks to the bottom of the tank and is fed directly into the irrigation system. As the float valve filling the tank with water as it is descending. The principle of replenishment of the tank water has negative effects on algal blooms in the tank because there is no full replacement of water, and the mixing of old water with new ones will breed in water with various organisms. And filling the tank via solenoid valve is faster than the float valve.
The kit includes:
1. Float level gauge – 2pcs.
2. Control unit.
3. Sensor cable with connector – 2pcs.
4. Power supply ACD 220>+12V.
5. Solenoid valve.
Under the order delivered electric actuator on ball valve "5*". Cm.Fig.
6. Extension wire power supply, 5 meters (optional can be ordered longer).
7. Manual with warranty card.
The device includes two water level sensor - top "D1" lower "D2", see figure position "6". If the tank is empty the floats on the sensors is omitted. Appropriate signals from the detectors "D1, D2" received in the "control unit 2", which opens the valve 5 for supplying water into the tank. The water fills the tank, the sensor will come the appropriate signals to the control unit. The control unit closes the water supply valve. The water supply will resume only when the tank is empty.
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