Поиск в регионе Sochi

1-room apartment, 36 м², 2/8 fl.

Sochi | Added: 8 November 2018 number: 101009
3 100 000 RUB
Address: Sochi, пластунская, show the map
Wall material:: Concrete 
Kind of object:: New 
The floors in the house::
Year built: 2019 
Area of premises:: 36 
Number of rooms::
Residential complex "leader" is new for format residential construction, which has its own style and concept. Concept: Flat + "workout" Universal residential complex that combines:  Quality  availability  style  convenience  harmony  ergonomics Complex business-class consists of 8 floors and is built on an individual project, which is in harmony with the southern landscape. The architectural ensemble of the complex and intimate courtyard, creating a harmonious atmosphere for its residents. The building is being built on monolithic technology is one of the most reliable and promising. Its main advantage is the flexibility in the architectural and planning decisions. The entrances are located at two world famous Elevator company Kleemann (freight and passenger), each of which is equipped with uninterrupted power supply system. Entrance groups and common areas filled with high quality material: ceramic, stainless steel, decorative plaster. Soundproofing and insulation in the apartments. A unique feature of the complex are  our yard Workout Workout – "street sport" or "home training". Every resident of our complex can be in space "workout". Your club in the yard. For this we have prepared a Playground workout that will house sports equipment, horizontal bars, parallel bars, stairs, rails and rochedy. The climbing wall will be in addition to sports workout space.  information design of entrances, Each floor in the residential complex "leader" dedicated to one of the Olympic sports. 2 entrances, each with 8 floors – a total of 16 sports. On each floor the emblem of one of the sports with information about it (when was created the year of the Olympic games, the country of the winner, the names of the best in this sport). In the project we paid special importance to the "children's question". Apartments, porches, yard "workout", a children's Playground, ramps for wheelchairs – it was designed to meet the needs of families with children. Depending on the age category of children on the territory of the residential complex "leader" provided by different sites. For kids – Playground and sandbox for teenagers – play area with outdoor exercise equipment and a climbing wall. Apartment. The project offers apartments with a rough finish and with quality modern 100% finish. We have prepared different variants of 3D designs for one, two and three bedroom apartments. Floor plans were created individually according to requirements of ergonomics and maximum convenience of residents. Under the developed plan, also individually designed structural elements of buildings with the possibility of functional re-planning of apartments. Each apartment has a balcony. Each apartment provides installation:  individual gas equipment;  high-speed Internet;  satellite TV  plastic Windows with laminated Golden oak (energy-saving glass);  fire sensors;  intercom.
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