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Ads: Buying and selling tires, wheels and wheels Tires/Rims/Wheel

21 April
60 000 RUB
20 April
Wheel Assembly Samara
8 000 RUB
23 December
29 999 RUB
23 October
10 000 RUB
24 August
Wheel Assembly Rostov-on-don
30 000 RUB
24 May
Drives Maladzyechna
200 RUB
27 September
25 000 RUB
17 August
Drives Chita
9 500 RUB
22 June
Tires Ekaterinburg
500 RUB
21 June
Tires Ekaterinburg
500 RUB
20 August
20 940 RUB
20 August
22 990 RUB
19 July
10 000 RUB
19 July
10 000 RUB
11 June
Tires Chelyabinsk
16 000 RUB
20 April
4 500 RUB
19 April
2 850 RUB
19 December
6 000 RUB
8 September
6 000 RUB
22 July
70 RUB
23 March
Tires Voronezh
14 650 RUB
23 March
3 750 RUB
17 January
Tires Kaliningrad
4 600 RUB
19 October
1 700 RUB
24 August
3 300 RUB
21 August
Tires Chelyabinsk
18 000 RUB
18 April
Tires Tyumen
2 000 RUB
17 April
Tires Krasnodar
4 150 RUB
16 February
Drives Kaluga
7 000 RUB
18 January
10 951 RUB

Have you decided to buy summer or winter tires? You came to the right address. On the Narmala site tires of domestic and foreign production are sold. The range of tires for motorcycles SUVs, minibuses, light trucks, cars. 

Buyers are offered stamped and alloy wheels. Available solutions from automakers and third-party companies. 

Who sells products? 

There are two types of sellers at the site: 

  • Private individuals. Implementers offering to buy wheels or summer tires in a single copy. 
  • Online shopping. Cooperating with the store, you can buy tires in significant quantities. When ordering a large batch of products, the client can count on a discount. 

Each ad is moderated. The administration removes fake offers, actively fights against scammers. 

How to pick up car tires? 

Buy tires help regular filter. When using it, it is recommended to use the following calculations: 

  • Seasonality. The site presents summer, all-season and winter tires. When choosing a parameter, it is worth considering the particular climate in which the car will be operated. 
  • Dimension. The indicator that displays the diameter of the tire. Requirements for the dimension of the tires are written in the passport of the vehicle. 
  • The width and height of the profile. When choosing the wheel dimensions, you should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer. 

Rubber can buy a private individual and a commercial organization. To complete the transaction is enough to contact the seller. 

Advantages of free ads 

Working with Narmala.com, you get a lot of advantages: 

  • A wide range of products. At your service thousands of sellers from around the world. In the sale of winter and summer tires, wheels, hubcaps. All that remains is to choose the most advantageous offer. 
  • Lack of margins and commissions. The site does not take commission fees. Purchases do not involve additional financial expenses. 
  • Convenient search. Find the right product is not difficult. It is enough to enter the main parameters of the product. 

Narmala.com consultants are always ready to help. They will tell about the features of cooperation, answer customer questions. For communication with experts, it is enough to use an electronic form or a toll free number. 


Also want to sell on Narmala? Nothing is easier! Complete a simple registration and place an ad.

Nuances to pay attention to when buying wheels and tires 

Before you buy a rubber, you should carefully examine it. Particular attention should be paid to: 

  • Tire geometry. The product should not have bumps and drops. The presence of such defects indicates the impact loads acting on the wheel. When operating such rubber, steering wheel beating is possible, as well as reduced vehicle stability on the road. 
  • The presence of tears. The presence of obvious mechanical damage - a reason to refuse to purchase. Such tires will not provide adequate safety while driving. 
  • Tread wear. Have you decided to buy car tires with your hands? Look at their level of wear. Winter and summer tires have a corresponding indicator. 
  • Careful inspection is required when purchasing discs. The main factors indicating the wear of products: 
  • Multiple chips. Buy discs rife with minor mechanical damage - not the best solution. Such products were subject to significant shock and vibration effects. 
  • Geometry violation. The correct geometry is important not only for tires, but also for disks. Thermal and mechanical deformation of the latter is not uncommon. Therefore, when choosing products you need to be extremely careful. 
  • The specifics of the installation. The diameter and number of mounting holes must be the same as on the hub flange. Otherwise, the installation will have problems. 

To buy disks on a car, and also to buy tires, the Narmala platform will help. Here there are solutions for any vehicles. Visitors can buy winter and summer tires, buy alloy wheels and stamped. 

Work with finding the right ad 

Assistance in the selection of products will have a regular search algorithm for the selection of spare parts and accessories. He will recommend suggestions based on client requests. Take into account the diameter of the rubber, its type, height and width of the profile. The buyer can view ads with photos or all available offers. 

How to contact the seller? 

Picked up tires for the crossover, but want to ask some clarifying questions? Contact your implementer. This can be done in one of several ways: 

  1. By phone. Next to each ad is fixed phone seller. In some cases, provided several rooms. 
  2. With the help of chat. The buyer can send an email using the feedback form. 
  3. Through account in social networks. Seller profile is associated with VK, Facebook, Instagram. There you can not only leave a message, but also get more detailed information about the product. 
  4. Email. Some implementers specify their e-mail address in the ad. This simplifies the transfer of photos and videos in the absence of an account in social networks. 

Playground Narmala has a lot of communication opportunities. There are all conditions for active and fruitful communication. 

What will buyers like? 

Purchasing tires and wheels on Narmala.com allows you to: 

  • Substantially save. Car tires can be bought at a modest budget. Many products are sold at a substantial discount. All that is required of the buyer is to select the appropriate products. 
  • Find rare items. Winter and summer tires can be bought for all types of cars. The range of solutions for crossovers, small cars, minibuses, specialized vehicles. 
  • Make a secure deal. Alloy wheels can buy individuals and organizations. All ads presented at the site are thoroughly tested. Suggestions that violate the rules of the resource are subject to blocking. 

Summer tires are easier to buy than you think. Simply enter the appropriate query in the search box, select the appropriate ad and contact the seller. 

What do sellers like? 

Benefits that implementers working on the site: 

  • High turnover Rubber and wheels are in great demand. Requests "Buy tires and tires" and "Winter tires buy" are entered in the search with enviable frequency. 
  • Ability to expand your business. The site contains buyers from Russia, CIS, Europe and the USA. With a competent business model, it is possible to enter the Asian and European markets. 
  • Effective ad promotion. Sellers are available many additional services. With their help, it will be possible to “raise” the offer in the search, fix it at the top of the page, add the “Urgent sale” icon. The cost of services is at an affordable level.
Sell ​​goods can individuals and online stores. In the second case, activation of a special account is required. 


Buy tires in Moscow, you can quickly and easily! To do this, just look at Narmala.com. With our help, you will save time, nerves and money.