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The Crimea!Seeking a man for s/o With figure,hot and full of desires to love

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My name is Irina,I am 35.I am slender,with 4-m size,without any bad habits,not ugly and not bent.But looking for a s/O. I am not long ago divorced,to live where.Previously lived with her husband.Was married twice,the first was a drunk,the second imagines himself a Sheikh to whom all owe.I honestly,not enough attention and tenderness.Love sex and I looking for a man that can please yourself in terms of sex,love.Without sex life is not life.Like to do this at least every day(HIS CHOICE!!!DON'T CONFUSE ONE WITH THE OTHER!READ THE TEXT CAREFULLY!NOT THE KEYS!),such a Constitution of the body.There was plenty in the first and second marriage, even a simple tender words.Had to beg for everything or to take the initiative itself.It was not tenderness,caring,family,so to speak.Understand correctly,for the beloved is ready for everything,and so,one-time meetings or fulfill the role of a mistress don't want to.On a first date do not give,do not count on it.To do everything in the kitchen and around the house can,not lazy.Learn more about yourself when communicating.I am an active and sporty lifestyle.It is more convenient to communicate with Classmates or VK,or by phone.Horny and just on booty call don't waste your time!I'm not for personal gain,but I need to look for in addition to relationships and housing.Give a photo upon your response.
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