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Sergiev Posad | Added: 11 January 2019 number: 110432
5 000 RUB
Address: Sergiev Posad, Центральная 13-107, show the map
Remgrad-"decor" offers its services:
1. Wallpapering without surface preparation – from 150 rubles per 1m2;
2. Paint application decorative method without surface preparation – from 800 rubles per 1m2;
3. Plaster decorative method without surface preparation – from 1000 rubles per 1m2;
6. Epoxy floor – from 1200 per 1m2;
7. Painting on the surface 2 of the layer from 100 rubles per 1m2;
8. Plastering on beacons – from 400 rubles per 1 m2;
9. Applying putty with sanding on two layers – from 350 rubles per 1m2;
10. Laying ceramic tile grout joints – from 850 rubles per 1m2;
11. Strip of polypropylene pipes in an open way with the soldering joints, with mounting clips (clamp) – from 150 rubles per 1m/n;
12. The connection of the consumer HVS/HVS (connection point) – from 800 roubles for 1 user;
13. Frame Cold/hot water in the backbone (riser):
13.1. By welding – 2500 rubles for one frame;
14.2. Coupling "Gebo" - 1000 rubles one frame;
14. Installation connection of electric water heater from – 3000 rubles;
15. Laying of sewage pipes with the connection of the consumer (point of connection), open-way – 450 roubles;
16. Shtroblenie walls with the deepening from 50 mm – 500 rubles per 1 m/n;
17. Welding work on the Assembly of metal structures – by agreement;
18. Electrical work (in-house network – 0, 4 kV);
- Carry out technical supervision over observance of building codes in construction, as well as legal support of conclusion of a construction contract (contract of services), before signing the Act of acceptance of works and delivery of object in operation. In short, we fully liberate our client from all sorts of risks in the construction sector as from violations of the quality of services and of material damage by the contractor;
• We work without payment, in all regions of Russia.
• Perfect quality, conclusion of contracts, the warranty period for their services guarantee.
please, you will not regret! We work for You!
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