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Honey of Bashkiria harvest 2018

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Honey from Bashkortostan with ecologically clean places, assembled with love by kind people.real honey from the private apiary harvest 2018
Bashkir honey — the greatest medicine created by nature.
the uniqueness of the Bashkir honey is the variety of medicinal properties. He's going with plants that are natural medicinal raw materials. Besides the usual species of medicinal plants (oregano, rose hips, St. John's wort, motherwort, Valerian, sage, dandelion, plantain, chamomile and other), in Bashkortostan grow very rare species of plants ( fescue, spring Adonis, Timothy steppe, sagebrush silky, lumbago disclosed, grass Mat hairy, onosma simple, thyme, ovsets desert, Columbine, Alpine Aster)
useful properties
Bashkir delicacy has so many useful properties that they can write a whole book. To fully assess the benefit of this honey is not possible, because due to the special climate and a wide range of plants that bees collect unique masterpieces. This product is endowed with properties, able to cure the following diseases:
• Colds or flu;
• Bronchitis;
• Sore throat and laryngitis.
especially effective is this honey helps to strengthen the immune system before the onset of frost. Also, this delicacy used in folk and traditional medicine to:
• To improve blood circulation;
• To cure liver diseases;
• Relieve inflammation of the urinary system;
• To maintain the vessels in good shape;
• To resume the water-salt balance;
• To normalize the intestinal microflora;
• Get rid of heavy overstimulation;
• To cure insomnia.
on the characteristics and useful properties of the Bashkir honey everyone knows. It is also used to treat depression. Also, its healing properties can be applied to children, however, before use, should know about possible allergic reactions.
use mountain honey has become a real discovery in the field of cosmetology. Not so long ago there were different masks for the body and hair, which has this product. But it is not recommended to apply such sort of external way, because it is quite rare. It is best to use the nectar for domestic consumption, enjoying its pleasant taste and beneficial effects on the body.
due to its medicinal characteristics that this variety of honey has a wide range of applications:
• In the treatment of seasonal colds (perfect for students);
• To fight viral diseases;
• In the healing of superficial wounds;
• For the instillation of nose, to prevent the common cold;
• When dealing with a thrush infection;
• For the treatment of nervous diseases at the initial stage.
among the female popular procedure is honey wrap, which you can use to reduce the volume and to get rid of cellulite
we offer honey in any packing;0, 35 ml, 0 5 ml, 0, 75 ml, 1 l, 2 l, 3 l it may be sold as small and large wholesale. Will respect your wishes.the calculation of the nal .and b/cash.will discuss shipping to your door
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