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Ads: purchase and sale of Railway transport

28 May
12 400 RUB
21 February
11 000 000 RUB
13 December
3 111 RUB
17 November
1 000 RUB
4 November
1 000 RUB
17 July
Freight shipping from the city ofVolgograd
2 000 000 RUB
15 November
Freight Chelyabinsk
500 RUB
16 August
48 000 RUB
9 February
1 000 RUB
7 October
Freight Vladivostok
100 RUB
13 August
Freight Moscow
1 000 RUB
4 November
Freight Chelyabinsk
1 000 RUB
4 November
1 000 RUB
12 August
118 000 RUB
12 August
850 000 RUB
12 August
The way shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
210 000 RUB
12 August
The way shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
4 500 RUB

At the site Narmala.com implemented profile technology for the railway. 

On sale solutions from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Products for passenger and freight traffic are offered.


The range of equipment is periodically expanded. There are offers from individuals, commercial organizations, government agencies.


Within the resource you can purchase: 

  • Locomotives. In the sale of diesel and electric trains. Modern railway transport, as well as equipment of the 1990s and 2000s is available to buyers. Locomotives differ in technical characteristics, functionality, state. 
  • Wagons. Visitors to the site can buy cars for liquid and dry goods. In the presence of a platform for the transport of specialized equipment: helicopters, tractors, bulldozers. 
  • Materials for track construction. The site implements rails, sleepers, turnouts. 

Buy a train or train car can be in a short time. Enough to contact the seller and make a deal.

How to choose the right products? 

Not sure which car to buy? Use the regular search. It will help you quickly pick up the equipment. The system will recommend products considering: 

  • Performance indicators.
  • Specified price range. 
  • Year of release. 
  • Technical condition. 

Having difficulty working with the platform? Refer to the staff managers. Specialists will help to solve the existing problems, give recommendations on the selection of products. 

Why choose us?

Collaboration with Narmala.com is: 

  1. Secure transactions. Only accredited sellers work at the site. All published ads are tested. Accounts of users seen in fraud are blocked. 
  2. Wide range of. In the sale of products of various configurations. Locomotives, wagons and spare parts for them are offered. The number of ads is constantly increasing. 
  3. Convenience of work. The site has a simple and intuitive interface. It will appeal to beginners and experienced buyers. 

Choosing Narmala.com, you decide in favor of financial gain, saving time and effort.


You can start using the site right now! Complete a simple registration and login.

Who implements the implementation of railway transport? 

The sale of rolling stock perform: 

  • Production organizations. Many enterprises have small railway branches. For their operation are used machines on diesel and electric. Manufacturers offer new and used equipment. In the range of freight and passenger cars, equipment for clearing of ways. 
  • Enterprises belonging to the Russian Railways group. The main implementers section. Cooperating with such companies, you can buy a train or separate parts of the train. The cost of equipment is fixed. The possibility of bargaining is minimized. 
  • Intermediary companies. Firms that sell assets of an enterprise. If necessary, they will organize a viewing of goods, prepare a meeting with the owner. 

From whom to purchase the train and cars, the buyer decides on his own. The determining factors when choosing a partner: the lack of legal problems, reasonable price, the ability to deliver paid products.

Purchase of cars

Before you buy a car, you should carefully examine its condition. Railway transport is subject to significant loads. In the absence of appropriate maintenance, he quickly becomes unusable.


As part of the check, you should pay attention to:

  • The condition of the wheelsets. Deformed wheels will not allow normal operation of the car. In the presence of visible defects it is worth refusing the transaction. 
  • Wear site (capacity). The transport compartment must not be penetrated by corrosion. The absence of certain structural elements or their deformation indicates negligent use of the car. With its further operation there will be many problems. 
  • Cost Before purchasing a car, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with other offers presented on the site. It is likely that the buyer will be able to find a profitable solution at a more affordable price. 

The site has advanced search algorithms. They will help you find the ads that best suit your needs.

Freight wagons

The most popular in the section are the ads on freight cars. The following types of rolling stock are implemented on the site:

  1. Covered wagons. Solutions for the transport of goods in wooden and cardboard packaging. They provide protection from external factors, allow you to transport a significant amount of packaging. Sliding doors are located on both sides of the car.
  2. Gondola cars. Freight wagons not equipped with a roof. They are used to transport goods that are not susceptible to the effects of precipitation. 
  3. Hoppers Profile bunkers transporting bulk compositions. Hoppers are in demand for transportation of crushed stone, cement, gravel, sand. They are widely used in the mining and processing industries. 
  4. Platform. Open wagons for the transport of air, land and water transport. Containers are also transported with their help. 
  5. Tanks. Capacities for transportation of liquid environments. Tanks differ in volume, size, specificity of loading and unloading the product. Solutions are proposed for the transport of highly hazardous substances, in particular acids and alkalis. 
  6. Dumpkar. Dump cars for quick unloading of the product. Equipment is in demand among large contractors. 

Selection of cars is a complicated procedure, which should be entrusted to specialized specialists. This guarantees a quality solution of the task, the absence of financial and temporary losses.

Expeditious sale of cars

How to quickly sell existing rail transport? There is nothing complicated about it. It is enough to use the recommendations of our site: 

  1. A detailed description is the key to success. Published ad must be expanded. It should fit the specifications, narrative, photos. It will be useful to tell how the cars were operated, and in what condition they are today. 
  2. A small discount will increase sales. A discount of 1-2% will attract buyers. In the narrative, you can specify the possibility of bargaining. 
  3. Help from Narmala . The use of additional options will provide an increase in views. At the disposal of the seller a lot of useful tools: raising ads in the search, fixing it in the upper part of the site, color selection. You can use the sticker "Urgent sale." 

To obtain the greatest benefit, it is recommended to purchase an “X5” or “X25” option package. In the latter case, the savings will reach 45%.

Anti fraud

Within the limits of the resource there are strict rules. They ensure the safety of users, prevent unlawful actions on the part of fraudsters. Before publication, each ad is tested. In the absence of violations, it appears in the search, in the presence of - sent for revision.

  • Accounts of users found to be illegal are blocked. The administration closely monitors the activity on the site, responds to visitors' complaints.

Registration takes less than one minute. Go through it and get full access to the resource functionality!