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Ads: purchase and sale of Air transport

23 December
580 000 000 RUB
17 December
258 442 RUB
4 May
Helicopters Volgograd
118 422 000 RUB

Cooperation with the Narmala site is an opportunity to purchase high-quality air transport at a reasonable price.

The resource implements equipment for recreation, tourism and professional activities.


Buyers are available:

  • Aircraft. In the sale of vehicles of various configurations. Solutions with bladed and jet engines, with one and several power units are presented. The plane can be bought by an individual and a commercial organization.
  • Helicopters. Implementers offer equipment for freight and passenger traffic. Customers can buy a helicopter for personal and corporate use.
  • Balloons. Balloons will appreciate the romance lovers. This type of equipment is optimal for unhurried air walks. Installations are often purchased for the organization of excursion tours.
  • Hang gliders Professional equipment focused on athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The technique differs in size, functionality, aesthetic qualities.

Buyers are available components for the repair and maintenance of air transport. In the sale of consumables, decorative items, plating details.

What does collaboration with Narmala give?

Making a purchase on our site, you get the following benefits:

  • Financial savings. Using the "hot" offer, you can buy a helicopter profitably, the price of the vehicle will be low. Such ads have a vivid selection or an appropriate icon. 
  • Wide range of. Pick up a private jet is quick and easy. To do this, just use the regular search. The system will recommend suggestions matching your requirements. She will take into account the price of the vehicle, its brand and year of manufacture. 
  • Safety guarantee. Only accredited sellers have access to the site. All offers are checked by the administration. 

Catalog of ads is constantly updated. New, profitable offers appear regularly. 

To get full access to the resource, it is enough to go through a simple registration and log in. 

How to register on the site?

To buy a model airplane model or implement a helicopter, you must register. This will require: 

  1. Go to the appropriate section. To open the registration form, click on the link located in the upper right corner. The system will automatically transfer the user to the desired page. 
  2. Fill in the proposed fields. You can complete the registration procedure in two ways. The first is by entering an e-mail address and password, the second by using an account from social or search networks. 
  3. Confirm entry. At the specified email address will receive a letter from the site administration. The user must follow the link in the message. When authorizing via social networks, there is no need to confirm registration. 

Create a new account will succeed within one minute. This can be done via phone, tablet or personal computer. 

How to buy a private jet? 

Buy a private plane is not difficult. It is enough to go to the “Air transport” section and enter the necessary parameters in the search line.


When selecting equipment, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects: 

  • Specifications. Aircraft - the most difficult form of transport. When selecting it, expert assistance is required. The specialist will pay attention to the type of engines installed, the capacity of the aircraft, power reserve and other parameters. 
  • Condition. The depreciation rate is one of the determining criteria when choosing a private jet. The use of technology that has developed its life is not safe - the risk of accidents and breakdowns increases significantly . Before purchasing an aircraft, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis. 
  • Cost Technique may vary in price. It depends on the model of the device, its design features and state. Before you buy a private plane, it is recommended to consider all the available offers. This will allow you to find the most suitable option. 

The acquisition of the aircraft is a crucial step. In this matter, errors and inaccuracies are unacceptable. 

Simulation Products 

The site presents not only the profile technology, but also spare parts for radio-controlled helicopters. Find the necessary details can every lover of modeling. Always on sale: 

  • Bladed screws. Buyers available screws with a different number of blades. In stock solutions for aircraft and helicopters. Products differ in size, weight, geometry, specific fixation. Versatile and highly specialized screws are presented. 
  • Enclosures. Sellers offer enclosures and assembly parts. Products are made of plastic or metal, have significant similarities with the original. 
  • Power plants. On sale a huge number of engines. Presents units of different performance, size and shape. Low and high power motors are implemented. 
  • Elements of decor. Products that enhance the aesthetic quality of the model. It can be stickers, films, special coatings. The cost of goods is low, you can buy it with a modest budget. 
  • Mounts. Hardware, screeds and other fasteners. Products differ in the method of fixation, size, service life. 

The site offers everything necessary for professional modeling. Lovers of the direction should visit the section as often as possible. It regularly appears new, interesting offers. 

How to quickly sell an existing product? 

Timely implementation of air transport contributes to: 

  1. Establishing a fair price. Do not unnecessarily overestimate the cost of the product. If there is a financial opportunity, it is better to offer a small discount. This stimulates sales, will cause interest from potential buyers. 
  2. Detailed description. The text to the announcement must contain not only the characteristics of the transport, but also information about its operation. Detailed narrative will give the buyer a complete picture of the item. Not superfluous will be photos of equipment and documents on it. 
  3. Additional options. Site Narmala provides comprehensive assistance to its users. Using options will allow you to promote an ad, select it, or place it at the top of the search. The proposal will become more visible, the total number of views will increase significantly. 

The cost of additional services is at an affordable level. Increase the popularity of ads can be with minimal financial expenditure.


All posted ads are checked by administrators. Offers that do not comply with the rules of the site are sent for revision. User accounts suspected of fraud are blocked.


It offers visitors qualified consultants. They will tell you how to place an offer, give recommendations for its promotion.


Working with the Narmala platform, you choose safe and profitable deals.