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Ads: Buying and sellingWater transport

23 February
Boats Catamarans Moscow
3 230 530 RUB
24 October
Boats Nizhny Novgorod
965 000 RUB
27 May
Outboards Rossosh
35 000 RUB
27 May
Inflatable boats Vol
70 000 RUB
23 August
Yacht Sailing Anapa
6 000 000 RUB
19 May
51 688 RUB
23 April
Boats motor Krasnodar
65 000 RUB
24 January
20 000 000 RUB
28 August
Boats motor Barnaul
250 000 RUB
22 April
4 999 999 RUB
19 February
Boats Catamarans Vladivostok
378 000 RUB
21 October
800 000 RUB
21 September
Ships freight Ekaterinburg
700 000 000 RUB
21 August
25 000 RUB
26 July
Boats Vladivostok
634 000 RUB
26 July
Ships freight Vladivostok
890 000 RUB
26 July
84 000 RUB
22 June
Inflatable boats Sterlitamak
6 500 RUB
22 June
Inflatable boats Yeysk
10 000 RUB
22 June
Outboards Samara
36 000 RUB
18 March
Outboards Saint Petersburg
25 000 RUB
17 February
750 000 000 RUB
18 August
Boats motor Saint Petersburg
12 000 RUB
18 July
Outboards The Old Road
54 919 RUB
18 June
Ships passenger Zhodzina
1 555 460 RUB
14 February
Boats Catamarans Bobruisk
58 236 RUB
14 February
Boats Catamarans Bobruisk
34 220 RUB
14 February
Kayaks Canoes Bobruisk
31 109 RUB
15 November
550 000 RUB

On the free classified ads website Narmala presents a lot of water, auto and motorcycle technology. Buyers are available yachts, boats and inflatable boats. In the range of solutions for leisure and professional travel. Equipment sold by sellers from around the world. The proposed technology from China, America, Canada. In the presence of water transport from Italy, France and Germany. A beginner and a sophisticated buyer will be able to choose the right products. 

The site Narmala.com presents: 

  • Cutters: You can buy a boat for personal use or for commercial purposes. On sale compact equipment and high-capacity vessels. 
  • Boats: boats for fishing, research and recreation are available to buyers. Products differ in size, functionality, style. Buy a boat of the desired configuration is possible with a modest budget. 
  • Yachts: a lot of motor yachts are being sold on site. In the range of appliances from leading manufacturers. Lovers of classic travel should pay attention to sailing yachts. 
  • Components: everything that is necessary for the maintenance and repair of ships is on sale. Buyers will be able to find outboard motors, lubricants, propellers and more. Prices for boats, yachts and boats differ significantly. 

The cost of water transport depends on its specificity, performance, technical condition. 


Water equipment is sold by private individuals, commercial organizations and government institutions. Only accredited vendors work at the Narmala site. This eliminates fraud and the appearance of fake ads.


Have any complaints about the seller? Contact the site administration. This will: Resolve controversial issues. Get detailed advice. Block an ad that violates resource rules.


Narmala.com specialists are attentive to every client. They will make your stay at the site as comfortable as possible.


  • Do you want to sell water transport? No problems! Complete a simple registration and place your own ad! 

Key features of the resource 

Working with the Narmala platform offers many advantages: 

  • Access to offers from around the world - Visitors can buy a boat in Smolensk, Moscow or London. The site contains a lot of exclusive solutions. There is an opportunity to buy a boat with a motor BU, buy a jet ski, buy a boat with a cabin. The range of offers is periodically updated. Regularly appear new, original ads. 
  • Prices for any wallet - Need to buy a rubber boat? Need an ocean class yacht? Use the regular search. The algorithm will select solutions based on the configuration of the transport and the recommended price. 
  • Protection against fraudsters - Buy a motor boat, sailing yacht and other equipment quickly and safely. Maintain order on the site provide regular moderators. They block offers from fraudsters, respond to user complaints. 
  • Consultations on any questions - Are you interested in PVC boats for a motor catalog and prices? Can't choose an aluminum boat? Enlist the support of Narmala consultants. Specialists will help with the selection of products, talk about the features of the search. They will do their best to solve your problem. 

Using Narmala.ru will help you buy a PVC boat with a motor or rent a yacht in St. Petersburg. Suitable solutions will find the most demanding customers.


 Acquiring a craft is not an easy task. The buyer must take into account the many nuances: 

  • The general state of technology - Before buying a boat with a motor, it is important to carefully evaluate its condition. Of paramount importance is the wear of the hull and powertrain. The presence of mechanical damage and foci of corrosion - the reason for obtaining discounts. Inspect the motor with a competent person. The wizard will reveal hidden problems, make up an idea of ​​the operating conditions of the craft. 
  • Legal issue - Document verification is an important step. There should be no restrictions on the boat. The optimal solution is to acquaint an experienced lawyer with the papers. He quickly checks the object, will issue recommendations for its acquisition. 
  • Price - Before you buy a sailing yacht, you should look at similar offers. Perhaps there is a technique in the best condition and at a more affordable price. 

Responsible approach to the choice of boats is a guarantee of a bargain.


Looking for buyers for your boat? Place an ad on our site. For the successful publication of the proposal will need to perform a number of simple steps: 

  1. Get registered. Access to the functionality of the site have only authorized users. Registration is done via email, an account on social or search networks. The procedure takes no more than 1 minute. 
  2. Create an ad - You can make an offer in your account. Just click on the button "Add announcement" and fill in the form that opens. The user will need to enter: the name of the craft, its technical characteristics, operational performance. Allowed to post photos, links to videos and pages on social networks. The more information is presented, the higher the likelihood of the sale of goods. 
  3. Send an offer for review - Each ad is moderated. It is checked for compliance with the rules of the site, after which it is sent for publication. 
  4. Accommodation - Offer appears on the site, it becomes available to all users. The seller is left to receive calls from customers. 

Advertisements are assisted by Narmala consultants. They will help to make a narrative, eliminate existing errors.


At the site is presented not only water transport and spare parts for it. In the sale of mass accessories, simplifying the operation of technology. Buyers can purchase: 

  • Fixture sensor sonar - An indispensable device for fishing enthusiasts. The product is made of metal, covered with powder paint. It provides reliable fixation of equipment, has a significant operational resource. 
  • Holders for inflatable boats - Polymer elements that facilitate the work with inflatable water transport. 
  • Awnings. Protective coatings to prevent damage to the vessel. Solutions for polymer boats, boats, yachts. Awnings differ in a functional, a coloring, specifics of the main material. When selecting them, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the craft and its storage features. 
  • Chargers and starters - Equipment that allows you to start the engine or charge the battery. The devices will be useful in the operation of boats in areas with cold climates.

The range of accessories is periodically expanded. Owners of small and large transport will be able to choose the right solution.


 Working with Narmala.com is a profitable and safe shopping all over the world.