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Buying a car. Quick and easy

23 May
Qashqai 190000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Diesel Polotsk
556 298 RUB
21 April
Fabia 40000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Hatchback 5 DV., Gasoline Simferopol
265 000 RUB
21 April
X60 40000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Hatchback 5 DV., Gasoline Chunskiy
420 000 RUB
22 April
Q7 90000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Diesel Efremov
3 650 000 RUB
21 March
3008 40000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Mozyr
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21 January
Solaris 30000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Sedan, Gasoline Naberezhnye Chelny
600 000 RUB
21 January
Niva 790000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Ekaterinburg
200 000 RUB
23 December
Voyager 200000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Van, Gasoline Sukhum
100 000 RUB
20 December
Patriot 5000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Novomoskovsk
760 000 RUB
12 March
308 85000, In need of repair, The wheel to the left, Hatchback 5 DV., Gasoline Ekaterinburg
190 000 RUB
22 November
Patriot 90000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Rostov-on-don
500 000 RUB
21 November
Golf3 95000, In need of repair, The wheel to the left, Hatchback 3 DV., Gasoline Nizhny Novgorod
50 000 RUB
23 October
Aventador 5000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Convertible, Gasoline Volgograd
26 249 250 RUB
23 October
Aceca 5000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Sedan, Gasoline Volgograd
100 000 RUB
22 October
Aventador 5000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Coupe, Gasoline Volgograd
35 800 000 RUB
22 October
Serena 215000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Van, Diesel Vitebsk
161 039 RUB
22 October
Almera 85000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Sedan, Gasoline Samara
360 000 RUB
21 October
Huracan 80000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Coupe, Gasoline Volgograd
18 500 000 RUB
17 June
Bluebird 30000 Whole Wheel right {Engine type} Mogilev
1 200 RUB
24 May
Passat Svetlogorsk
161 039 RUB
24 May
Yaris Moscow
150 000 RUB
26 March
Scenic Rostov-on-don
589 000 RUB
24 December
100 000 RUB
26 November
5 500 RUB
27 October
Fiesta Selidovo
73 412 RUB
26 October
69 Perm
109 000 RUB
25 October
1 290 000 RUB
25 October
Vectra Minsk
9 323 RUB
24 October
Granta Chelyabinsk
300 000 RUB
27 September
220 000 RUB


On the site Narmala presented announcements of the purchase and sale of rare and fresh cars.


Any motorist will be able to choose the right solution: 

  • Newbie A driver with no experience. The optimal solution for him is to buy a car with mileage. The priority is low-cost vehicles. They are easily restored in the event of an accident, not popular among the hijackers. Such cars are easy to use, do not impose significant requirements for driving skills.
  • The driver with the experience. Practical and experienced motorists. They appreciate not only aesthetic, but also the performance of the machine. Such drivers understand the technical nuances, can tell a lot about the vehicle, guided only by its appearance.
  • Taxi driver. People working on corporate and private cars. A car for them is a way to make money. Such drivers, above all, appreciate the reliability. 

Search application will provide quick and easy selection of cars. The user simply enter the desired parameters and click the "Find" button.

Can I buy a new car on the Narmala website?

The site contains announcements about the sale of new vehicles. Sale is carried out by salons and private individuals. In the first case, the buyer receives a full package of documents, a receipt or a receipt for payment, in the second case, the paper held by the current owner.


Before you buy a new car, you should pay attention to a number of nuances:

  • Vehicle condition. The machine should not be chipped, scratched and other traces of operation. Their presence is a reason to think about the expediency of the purchase.
  • Legal cleanliness. Today, there are many services that allow you to explore the "history" of the car. There are inconsistencies and white spots? It is better to abandon the acquisition.
  • Price. For new auto prices differ significantly. They depend on the interior decoration, engine power, availability of additional devices. Overpayment for certain options is not always justified. This should be considered.


Narmala Playground provides many features that allow you to purchase a car online. It offers the buyer a convenient chat, links to the seller’s pages in social networks, competent technical support. The customer can get acquainted with the photos of the vehicle, consider other proposals of the distributor .

 If you want a used car? 

The site contains a lot of cars with mileage, all ads are moderated . Administrators are actively fighting with " fake " offers, blocking suspicious accounts.


Acquiring a used vehicle will provide the following benefits:

  • Ubstantial savings. The difference between a new and used car can reach 80%. With a limited budget, buying a car with it is the best solution.
  • Availability of additional equipment. Most car owners pay attention to their cars. They install protection systems, fenders, on-board computers. The purchase of such a vehicle will eliminate unnecessary expenses.
  • Rich assortment. The market for used machines is extensive and diverse. Anyone can choose the right car, buying and selling will not cause difficulties.

 The site administration is always ready to help. Ask your questions to consultants. They will tell about the work of a regular filter, will give recommendations on the use of the site.

 Registration on our site

 Five reasons to register at Narmala.com:

  1. Access to domestic and international market.
  2. The ability to profitably sell your goods.
  3. Attracting new customers to the online store.
  4. Professional support for all questions.
  5. Many options. 

We will be glad to see you among our satisfied users!

What vehicles are represented on the site? 

Free ads for the sale of cars of various categories are available to visitors of the resource: 

  • Specialized vehicles. Equipment designed to perform specialized operations. It includes pits , concrete pumps, tow trucks, garbage trucks. Visitors can buy a new car or cars with mileage. 
  • Minibuses. Passenger transport used for private and commercial purposes. Machines have small dimensions and moderate fuel consumption. In the sale of fresh cars and auto BU. 
  • Trucks. Heavy machines transporting containers, pallets, bulk and liquid materials. Car sales are carried out by private individuals and commercial organizations. Private cars are sold at affordable prices, sellers are more willing to offer a discount. 
  • Cars. The most common segment. It contains cars of foreign and domestic production. Presented budget and luxury solutions. Cars differ in size, power plant, transmission type, body parameters.


Get information about the vehicle can be when communicating with the seller. Enough to use the phone, social network or internal chat. The implementer will answer the buyer's questions, provide additional photos, and organize an auto inspection.


At Narmala.com you can buy a car for various needs: trips to work and to shops, transportation of passengers, transportation of bulky cargo, construction and survey work. 

Do you want to sell your existing equipment? 

Implementing BU cars will not cause difficulties. Enough for this: 

  1. Get registered. Place an ad for the sale of used or new car can only authorized users. For registration, you will need an email or account on social networks. The procedure takes about 1 minute, it is performed on a PC, phone or tablet. 
  2. Generate an ad. The seller describes the parameters of the goods and its condition. It is important to specify the technical characteristics of the car: the type of fuel consumed, the power of the engine, the type of transmission. Not superfluous will be photos with the image of the vehicle. 
  3. To be tested. Administrators check the ad for compliance with the rules of the site. In the presence of errors and inaccuracies, the proposal is returned for revision. The seller removes the comments and resends the material. 
  4. Get notification of placement. The ad appears in the search results. Thousands of users who want to buy a car pay attention to it. 

To force the sale will help additional options. The seller can select the ad, fix it in the top lines of the search, place the “urgent sale” icon. The cost of services is low. Options are purchased comprehensively or individually. In the second case, the savings reach 45%. 

What else is on the site? 

Along with cars, the purchase and sale of which is carried out in significant quantities, visitors can order:

  • Motorcycles and motorcycles. The site contains scooters, ATVs , two- and three-wheeled bikes. Any connoisseur of this transport will be able to choose a solution to taste (Details)
  • Parts / Accessories. All for repair and customization of cars. The range of gearboxes, direction indicators, steering racks, engine parts and gearbox. Available stickers, flavors , all kinds of body kits. (Details)
  • Railway transport. Rolling stock and individual cars. Production is demanded at the industrial and mining enterprises. (Details)

The range of products is periodically expanded. Regularly there are new, interesting offers.