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Hobbies and Recreation

18 June
Tokens, medals, badges Izhevsk
72 107 700 RUB
18 May
Magazines, Newspapers, brochures Prominent
Give a gift
18 May
10 000 RUB
17 May
8 000 RUB
17 May
Hunting and fishing Moscow
790 RUB
17 May
4 000 RUB
17 May
Hunting and fishing Saint Petersburg
790 RUB
17 May
8 000 RUB
18 April
500 RUB
17 April
More Saint Petersburg
4 000 RUB
17 April
Scooters Moscow
24 000 RUB
16 April
Coins Krasnoufimsk
50 000 RUB
16 April
1 600 RUB
19 March
Travel Vitebsk
1 716 RUB
18 March
Mountain Mogilev
12 478 RUB
17 March
Educational literature Moscow
1 400 RUB
14 February
Tokens, medals, badges Saint Petersburg
1 000 RUB

At the Narmala site there are products for hobbies and recreation. On sale products from domestic and foreign sellers. The most demanding customers will be able to find suitable offers.
What can I buy?
Within the framework of Narmala.com:
• Equipment for hunting and fishing. Buyers are available fishing rods, inflatable boats, tents, knives. The range of equipment for beginners and professionals. Sales are carried out by profile stores and individuals.
• Sports equipment. Fans of sports recreation will be able to buy clothes, shoes, fitness equipment. The site has offers for men, women and children.
• Art. Shops for needlework offer tools and supplies, art stores - brushes and paints. All the lovers of beauty can find the right product.
• Tickets. Planning a trip, but do not want to overpay the tour operator? Have a look at Narmala.com. Tickets of European and Asian destinations are presented here. Many "hot" offers are on sale.
Books and magazines. On the site there is a thematic literature. These are books, magazines and brochures. The printed products from different countries are available to buyers.
• Collecting. Rare coins, watches, stamps and badges are always on the court. The database is updated daily.
Musical instruments. Through Narmala.com it will be possible to purchase a drum, a flute and even a piano. All you need is to look into the appropriate section.
The observance of the rules of the resource is monitored by the moderators. They check ads before publication, respond to complaints from users. Experts actively struggle with scammers, remove incorrect proposals.
Advantages of the site
Registration at Narmala.com allows you to:
• Access to an extensive database of ads. At the service of users thousands of ads from around the world. There are many bright, unique products.
• Discounts and bonuses. Vendors often hold promotions. With due luck, you can buy the goods at a discount of 40-50%.
• Convenient interaction. You can contact other users in one of three ways: via an electronic form, social network or phone.
• Many additional options. Need to quickly sell the product? Use the auxiliary options from Narmala. With their help it will be possible to select an advertisement, place the icon "Urgent sale", fix the offer at the top of the search. The cost of services is low. To view their full list, click on the link.
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We are always glad to new participants. We invite you to register and become an active user of Narmala.com.