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25 March
96 916 RUB
22 February
Agriculture Novosibirsk
9 000 RUB
25 January
200 000 RUB
25 January
Trade Bryansk
6 000 RUB
24 January
Catering Istanbul
64 611 RUB
23 January
100 000 RUB
24 October
Services Krasnoyarsk
140 000 RUB
26 August
11 000 000 RUB
26 July
Agriculture Moscow
7 000 000 RUB
16 October
10 RUB
16 October
Agriculture Krasnodar
10 RUB
16 October
Agriculture Krasnodar
10 RUB
24 February
250 000 000 RUB
27 March
270 000 RUB
26 February
100 RUB
28 January
Trade Novozybkov
3 350 000 RUB
30 September
200 000 RUB
29 September
Trade Makiyivka
452 274 RUB
28 September
Trade Yaroslavl
8 500 000 RUB
30 August
3 036 698 RUB
31 July
Online store Kemerovo
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16 June
Agriculture Tashkent
32 305 RUB
1 June
Construction Ekaterinburg
1 750 000 RUB
1 June
100 000 RUB
27 February
Production shipping from the city ofMoscow
1 200 000 RUB
24 May
Trade Voronezh
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23 May
More Moscow
50 000 RUB
22 April
Online store Krasnodar
250 RUB
20 April
150 000 RUB

Playground Narmala.com will help to get ready business. The range of different solutions x direction nd activities. Presents business plans and functioning enterprises.

Carry out the sale of finished business following his type :

  • Online shopping . Online business for selling products and services. Implemented site dedicated to Medical technician th e, automotive spare parts m wells, fertilizers and seeds m m program th provide yu. Shops differ in turnover, attendance, range of products .
  • Catering . Catering companies are widely represented . Solutions are offered for large and small businesses. Possible acquisition of canteens, cafes, restaurants. On sale single and network establishments.
  • Production . Production business is in demand at the site. Particular attention is paid to enterprises manufacturing furnitur s, Steel and, electrical equipment is, e.
  • Entertainment. Visitors can buy ready-made business related to entertainment activities. In the sale of attractions, profile equipment, equipment for organizing events and celebrations.
  • Agriculture. Many dealers sell ready-made farms and processing complexes. There are offers from large and small businesses .
  • Construction . In the presence of ready-made business plans for the construction industry. Complex objects, sets of project documentation, car parks, equipped with construction equipment are offered .
  • Trade . On sale point for the implementation of the product s power tool and, profile th s literatures.

On the site there is a mass of fresh ideas. Choose the right item will be representatives and small and large businesses.

How to make a purchase?

Looking for products to implement a business idea? Use the search algorithm Narmala . He will help to purchase goods for the realization of the plans.

To search for the lot you need:

  • Select a category . Business offers are divided into several groups. If the required item is missing, the category “Other” is indicated.
  • Determine the price . The cost of the lot is fixed in the range "from-to". Possible en s choice of currency in which the sale.
  • Specify the requirements for the presence of photos . When activating the option "with photo" search does not display ads without images.

The algorithm has a search string. It introduces the target query or associative phrase.

Work with the search is convenient and easy. The program is free, available to all site visitors.

What are the advantages of Narmala.com?

Working with Narmala.com is:

  • Many profitable solutions . The site is represented in 280 countries. You can buy ready-made business in the Russian Federation, the EU, the USA. Available offers for various fields of activity.
  • The possibility of selling your own business . The announcement of the implementation of the enterprise will take several minutes. It is enough to register, to form an offer and send it for moderation. Announcement will appear on the site after half an hour.
  • Reliable protection against fraudsters . All lots are checked by administrators. In the presence of errors, inaccuracies or violation, the announcement is sent for revision. The administration considers complaints from users, blocks the accounts of fraudsters.

Increase the popularity of ads will help additional options. They have raised so lot in search results, so I fasten it to the top of the site, highlighted by a colored frame. The cost of services is low. They can be used by individuals and entrepreneurs .

What else can be found on the site?

Additional sections are available for site visitors :

  • Gifts. S pages, dedications s original present. Here you can buy gifts for his birthday, February 23 and March 8. In the assortment of factory gifts and hand-made products.
  • Books. Printed products of domestic and foreign production. The section presents the works of classics and obscure writers. Rare collection editions are offered.
  • Rest . On the site there are many products for the rest. Tents, footballs, tourist facilities are offered .
  • Musical instruments . Instruments are offered for experienced and novice musicians. In the sale of pipes, drums, synthesizers.

Use the second site can be right now! Activating a new account will take less than a minute.

T: Buying a ready business at Narmala.com.

D: Acquisition of a ready business at Narmala.com. In the sale of solutions related to the production, trade, Internet services. The range of ads is updated regularly.