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Backhoe loader tractor for rent

Saint-Petersburg | Added: 24 February 2020, number: 1315582
10 500 RUB
I offer to rent a backhoe loader Volvo Bl71 and
jcb 3cx from the owner in Encolovo, Beloostrov, Medovoe, skotnoye, Poroshkino, Yucca, Pesochny, Sertolovo, Levashovo, Komarovo, Solnechnoye.
there is a narrow bucket of 300 mm.
experienced drivers.
we will perform all types of earthworks.
leveling the terrain of an earthen area
digs, plans, aligns the soil, crushed stone, sand on the site
performs unloading and loading operations
digs trenches, ditches for cable, fence, sewer, drainage, water pipe and gas
uprooting stumps, clearing ditches,
installing rings in the well,
digs holes for a septic tank and gas tank, ditches for a house and bathhouse,
demolition of dilapidated buildings, dismantling of emergency houses, cottages, sheds, garages,
it will clear and load snow in areas adjacent to business centers, gas Stations, shopping, industrial and residential complexes, and much more.
delivery is possible on the day of the order.
shift 8h (7faktich. + 1products)
rent a backhoe loader in Olgino, Konnaya Lakhta, Lisiy nos, Sestroretsk, Alexandrovskaya, Gorskaya, Tarhovka, Razliv, backhoe loader in Roshchino, Zelenogorsk, Komarovo, Zapadnaya Litsa, tractor in SNT Pamir, Komarovo.
agalatovo and surrounding areas, tractor rental in Kasimovo.
tractor rental in vartemyagi, elizavetinka, Sarzhenka, backhoe loader in luppolovo, tractor in Yucca, tractor in Sertolovo, Pesochny, tractor in Levashovo, tractor in Beloostrov, tractor in poroshkino, backhoe loader in karabselki, backhoe loader in buhry, tractor in lavriki, tractor in Murino, backhoe loader in Pargolovo, backhoe loader in Toksovo, backhoe loader in Oselki, tractor in Mendsary, Tractor in Mistolovo, syargi, skotnoye, backhoe Loader in Kavgolovo, d.Medny Zavod, backhoe loader in Drashishniki, tractor in encolovo, tractor in savochkino, Tractor in Kapitolovo, Backhoe loader in lavriki, Backhoe loader in Kissolovo.
call Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region
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