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The ABS plastic kit – twelve colors

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ABS plastic set of twelve colors in the set, 10 meter each color:
- white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, gold, silver and bronze.
abs plastic suitable for almost all 3D pens. The color of the plastic saturated and "dense". Work strong and durable.
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– St. Petersburg, m. Ladozhskaya, PR. Energetikov, d. 3B, TC "Ladoga Series", section No. 41, from 10.00 to 21.00, sun. – till 20.00 hrs
ABS plastic is the most common type of plastic used all the models of 3D handles. From it even produces the famous Lego bricks.
made of polymers of petrochemical origin.
when heated emit a characteristic slight "plastic" smell, which is safe for health, but nevertheless it is better to take care of ventilating the room the smell was not centered in the room.
the melting temperature is 210-250 degrees and the product of ABS plastic are characterized by high strength and resistance to aggressive environments – they can even be washed with detergents, glue to each other.
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