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ABS plastic for 3D pens on 10 meters, color – pink

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ABS plastic for 3D pens on 10 meters, color – pink
plastic for 3D drawing pen is the main and the only consumable you obtain your amazing work.
and how to find us – in the last photo ad!
– St. Petersburg, m. Ladozhskaya, PR. Energetikov, d. 3B, TC "Ladoga Series", section No. 41, from 10.00 to 21.00, sun. – till 20.00 hrs
the plastic melting point: 210 – 240 C
perhaps the most convenient way to experience 3D pen is ABS plastic in a variety of 10 meters.
features Pink ABS plastic:
- suitable for almost all 3D handles;
- color saturated and "dense";
- work done of this kind of plastic, sturdy and durable.
a little about ABS plastic:
abs plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a durable and strong polymer used in many industries. The material has found its application in 3d printing thanks to its glass transition temperature.
this is the temperature at which the polymer goes from a viscous fluid to a solid state stekloobraznoe. ABS plastic has a high enough glass transition temperature to make him the object retain its shape and not warp during everyday use, but at the same time low enough for safe extrusion.
the material has high resistance to impact, wear-resistant, has high dimensional stability, suitable for electro-plating and vacuum metallization. Products have a smooth shiny surface, there are varieties with a low and a high luster. The material is resistant to lubricants, solutions of inorganic salts and acids, alkalis. Collapses under the influence of ultraviolet rays, soluble in acetone, ether, benzene.
packing – 10 m.
the color is pink.
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