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3D pen, Spider Pen Plus Display Spider pan Plus pink + set of plastic 40 meters

Saint Petersburg | Added: 9 June 2018 number: 42144

Address: Saint Petersburg, энергетиков 3б, show the map

    3D pen, Spider Pen Plus Display Spider pan Plus pink + set of plastic 40 meters
    completely Russified and certified 3D pen, Spider Pen Plus c LCD display.
    full warranty: 24 months!
    on the body handles 3D rendered display for accurate temperature control (1 gr.). It is necessary to use 100% organic biodegradable plastic Pla.
    and how to find us – in the last photo ad!
    – St. Petersburg, m. Ladozhskaya, PR. Energetikov, d. 3B, TC "Ladoga Series", section No. 41, from 10.00 to 21.00, sun. – till 20.00 hrs
    1. Handle the Spider Pen Plus can use 3 type of plastic (abs, PLA and Pro Unid);
    2. Security, through a ceramic nozzle and system auto power off (sometimes children may forget to turn off their toys);
    3. Adjusting the speed of drawing and line width (the faster the drawing speed, the thicker the flow. The lower the rate, the thinner the line);
    4. Excellent design and ergonomics - 3D pen Plus is perfectly balanced for hand adult and child (You will feel it when you draw longer!).
    distinctive features:
    - Improved multi-language user manual;
    - Presentable Russified box with unique design;
    - LCD Display for temperature adjustment;
    - Draws Eco-friendly Abs, Pla, Unid PRO plastic!
    - Included is a colorful Book of stencils for 3динга (trading) for drawing in 2D and 3d.
    package contents:
    - 3D pen, Spider Pen Plus pink color;
    - Power supply unit;
    - Demo kit plastic 10 meters Abs;
    - Promo-kit plastic 30 meters Pla!
    Instruction in Russian language;
    - A book of stencils for 3динга (trading)!
    brand country: Russia
    Assembly: China
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