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Magnifying glasses Big vision (the big vision)

Saint Petersburg | Added: 8 June 2018 number: 41891
580 RUB
Magnifying glasses Big vision (the big vision)
glasses-magnifier big vision is an innovative solution that combines a powerful zoom and easy to use. Now poor eyesight will no longer be difficult when sewing or repair small items!
with their help, You will see even very small details, leaves the hands free for work, to save on buying expensive and uncomfortable magnifying devices.
and how to find us – in the last photo ad!
– St. Petersburg, m. Ladozhskaya, PR. Energetikov, d. 3B, TC "Ladoga Series", section No. 41, from 10.00 to 21.00, sun. – till 20.00 hrs
magnifying glasses are Big Vision will become your reliable assistant (to wear eye of a needle or thread to read the small letters, etc.).
with their help you:
- make out even very small details;
- leaves the hands free for work;
- save on buying expensive and uncomfortable magnifying devices.
key benefits:
visual increase of 1.6 times;
- comfortable design and light weight;
- durable lenses;
- stylish design.
glasses-magnifier big vision can be used by both men and women. You can wear them at the same time with contact lenses or conventional glasses.
- Material: plastic;
- Diopter: +2.5;
- Distance between temples: 14 cm;
- Focal length: ~35 cm;
package contents:
- Big vision – 1 PC.;
- Storage pouch – 1 PC.
note: when there are significant problems with vision (usually with hyperopia), the image points when using the big vision may be blurred. In this case, you must use a big vision with glasses, corrective vision.
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