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Complex cleaning of equipment and containers for WA LKM

Saint Petersburg | Added: 21 January 2019 number: 112267
239 000 RUB
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Complex cleaning of equipment and containers for production of water-dispersion paint and varnish materials (LKM VD) is an interconnected system of equipment and systems engineering support, allowing for hand-washing of technological equipment and current technological containers no discharge of polluted water systems and household sewage obsessively.
the product includes structural elements, allowing to implement a closed system of water consumption (water recycling) technological processes of production of water-dispersion paints, as well as reagentless disposal of generated solid waste. This reduces operating costs to the costs of periodic mechanical cleaning and removal of collected solid waste, as solid waste. Also removed the issue of interaction with state authorities of ecological control and monitoring of water utility services.
for the implementation of the optimum quality washing of production equipment and packaging, the product can be supplied in versions adapted to industrial premises, in particular on high-rise levels of the layout scheme (rise of the applied areas), the arrangement of equipment in the plan (with longitudinal, in pairs, etc.), with different performance and volume storage equipment.
main technical specifications of single-station complex hand-made sink Km-1, 5-12-1:
- The volume of wash containers: 10 - 240 l;
- The circulating water volume in the system: 1, 5 - 2, 5 cubic meters;
- The consumption of recycled water directly into the sink: 12-15 l/min;
- Consumption of clean tap water for rinsing: 1, 5-2, 5 l/min;
- The number of posts sinks: 1 PCs;
- Occupied area: 6 sq. m.;
- Weight in the dry state, not more than 600 kg;
- Weight in working - filled state: 3600 kg;
- Compressed air:
- maximum flow: 400 l/min;
- maximum pressure: 8 bar.
specified the total cost of washing, without VAT, for the basic package.
depending on the specifics of the VD coatings production equipment and the cost may change.
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