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Three figures (LFZ) of the USSR.

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300 RUB
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Sell three figures (LFZ) in Leningrad Porcelain Factory. Of the Soviet Union.
1. Figurine - Bird.
height - 6 cm
width - 6 cm
the mark of the Lomonosov porcelain Factory.
defects: Chipped the tip of the tail.
price - 300 Rubles.
2. Figurine Hare.
height - 3, 5 see
width - 5, 3 cm.
the mark of the Lomonosov porcelain Factory.
defects: Small chip on 1 ear.
price - 300 Rubles.
3. The figure of the "leopard".
figurine of a seated leopard.
height - 10 cm
width at base - 9, 5 cm
the mark of the Lomonosov porcelain Factory.
defects: Small chips on ears.
price - 600 Rubles.
Leningrad porcelain factory named after M. V. Lomonosov (LFZ), Imperial porcelain, State porcelain factory, Leningrad Porcelain Factory...
all names of one company, which was famous for its unique noble products. Today for any collector Leningrad porcelain buy fashionable and prestigious. Regardless of what year it was released. In the Imperial era, in Soviet days, it was plant # 1 in the country, which produced a reference product.
deserve special attention porcelain figurines LFZ, which could be found everywhere: elephants, clowns, dogs, etc. were in every noble house. Later begins a new era of porcelain production in Russia, which bears the imprint of this era. Soviet porcelain, endowed with unique qualities, might get even Your grandchildren and used them as a guide to the history. Porcelain figurines LFZ will tell the children, and reminds You of how people lived in the era of socialism which was the country, which today has sunk into oblivion. Changing times, generations, and the eternal figurines LFZ continue to live, and how much time is allotted to them nobody knows, the main thing – careful maintenance and proper storage.
in the list of products of plant about 4000 items in form and painting. It's tea, coffee and dinner sets, individual items of tableware destination, souvenir gift items, genre and animal sculpture, decorative dishes, plates, etc made from hard, soft and bone porcelain. Products decorated with glaze-painted by hand, mechanized and combined approaches, using in the decoration of colors of rare and precious metals.
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