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Buy used CATALYST (catalytic Converter) in Samara

Samara | Added: 14 October 2017 number: 17247
5 000 RUB
Address: Samara, фадеева 65, show the map
Buy automotive and industrial used Catalysts (catalytic Converter). All types and species!
take cut, embossed and in the case of the catalysts. Interested in the stuffing, inside...
ceramic catalysts, diesel particulate filter European, Japanese, American passenger cars at the highest price!
in Samara. With other regions the possibility of sending through the "business lines". Large suppliers, from 10kg special approach, additional allowances and bonuses...
ceramic mass should not be foreign objects (asbestos, paronite, metal mesh, sand, cement, soot, etc.)!
the humidity value of a ceramic carrier should be within the natural, i.e. 1 — 2%.
metal carrier (iron catalyst) to be in one piece or to be in the building !
prices from 500 to 20000 rubles/kg - Reception for Express analysis gets better, happy to take more!
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