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Produce frames for Smoking

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1 000 RUB
Agrokontinent, OOO offers high-quality frames for smoked sausages and delicacies, to your the size of your smoke chamber. On the frame is products of the same type, or variety according to the relevant rules and requirements. The loaves must not touch, otherwise not happening must be handling smoke and hot air, which leads to the formation of the slip – spots of gray color on the shell, which are considered a product defect and osliznyayutsya during storage.
We also produce the washing machines for sausage and RAM sticks.
Washing sticks and sausage frames are produced in specially designed washing machines where our products are disinfected in accordance with the applicable sanitary requirements.
Manufactured by us, frame and smoked sausages are of high quality.
sustainable housing made of reinforced acid-resistant stainless steel;
- shelves can be executed in the desired quantities;
thanks to the steering wheel frame has a high maneuverability, it is convenient to move in the room.
- the specific structure of sausage RAM allows you to easily and quickly, without unnecessary expenditure of time and effort to load and unload products;
the wheel of heat-resistant material, have a smooth surface, withstand high temperatures, are exposed to good sanitation, resistant to abrasive substances.
Sent in a rigid package is crate, frame for sausages in any city, your transport company of choice. On the day of shipment must be provided the photos and the invoice number.
Sausage frame price of the manufacturer:
- up to date;
- shown already with the discount.
Warehouse Agrokontinent, OOO is located in Moscow. The goods are always available, making guaranteed fast shipment without undue loss of time and money. For more information please contact us by email or phone, write on Viber, WhatsApp and E-mail 7 days a week – the service centre is open seven days a week, breaks and holidays. Call us.
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