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The calibration valve and all the colonic equipment

shipping from the city ofSamara | Added: 21 July 2017 number: 5350

Address: Samara, г. Москва, ул. Профсоюзная, дом 3, метро Академическая, show the map

    Agrokontinent, OOO offers to buy quality and guaranteed running intestinal equipment. Fully completeness of the whole, as for small production up to 50 units per shift, and large meat processing plants, with a capacity of 50, 100, 150 heads per hour. Our equipment is used in virtually all types of raw intestines for all animals, pigs, cattle or sheep. And individual approach, allows to solve exactly Your problem.
    We have low price due to low walrus and the standing orders it is better to do two centrifuges for the mucous membranes of by-products at factory price, than to offer a line for recycling as the German counterpart. We make the equipment, no worse, European manufacturers, Germany certainly has a large range, but we also offer virtually the entire line. Calibration tap to buy cheaper than the German twice, almost, can have. Agrokontinent not only offers equipment and sells it, but we developed the production processes for the processing of raw intestines in General.
    Fast delivery to all regions of the Russian Federation, without delay, and those transport companies which are mentioned by You. TK from your city that you know, so she will carry your centrifuge for offal. Necessarily in a rigid package, in the sheathing of wooden bars and wrapped with duct tape.
    Agrokontinent, OOO are reliable partners and responsible suppliers. Contact us, and we will work with you the choices you want. Automatic centrifuge with a lift loader is about 60 days. But manual or semi-automatic centrifuge for offal is made faster time over 30 days. You need wool on the centrifuge, please call or write an e-mail request. Need a centrifuge for human tissues and offal to clean and wash the intestines, the stomach, the rumen, the owner, the bladder, etc., will also do everything in the best option. Write free on Viber, WhatsAppили E-mail and we'll reply. Something urgent, call us 7 days a week.
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