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Automatic washing boxes

shipping from the city ofSamara | Added: 11 June 2017 number: 1545

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    Agrokontinent, OOO will make your food production automatic wash boxes. It can be a line of several modules or individual section washing and rinsing. Wash tunnel type is made of stainless steel AISI 304, is not afraid of aggressive environment and all detergents.
    Water consumption depends on the number of containers, boxes per hour, how many need to be cleaned. But the average of 200 liters per hour, and it only drained the dirty water from the top. Feeding water temperature of 35, 40 degrees to use less electricity. The tunnel washer is equipped with a conveyor feeding containers for washing and rinsing.
    Automatic car wash, this means that the supply boxes, is circular, and people need only to receive already washed containers, drawers, equipment. Sink boxes with a different type of contamination is different at the time and the water supply pressure to the nozzle is also desirable to regulate the pump gearbox.
    Machine maintenance washing of recycled packaging simple and spare parts in stock spare parts imported from Europe. It is an Italian pump and circuit Board control units from Germany. Washing machine required to wash refillable containers, is very simple and convenient in daily maintenance. Consumables with long term use, for example, is a strainer of stainless steel. The control unit is not from China but from Germany.
    Wash containers with pre-soaking is used on very dirty food production. Agrokontinent, OOO produces such a tunnel washing machine with a drum filter water purification. Buy the washing of containers from the warehouse, you only need to confirm availability. The price of the manufacturer, and sometimes cheaper with the discount. Call us to order and buy. Write Viber, WhatsApp , the phone is always enabled.
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