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Special equipment
2 667 350 RUB
3 May

On the site sold a lot of trucks. In the range of solutions for commercial and private use. Presented equipment for manufacturing enterprises, warehouses, construction sites. 

Within you can purchase special equipment of the following configuration:

  • Low-tonnage trucks and tractors. Buyers are available trucks of domestic and foreign production. Universal vehicles and highly specialized solutions are offered. The sale of trucks is carried out by private individuals, commercial organizations, government agencies.
  • Buses. Passenger transport technology is in special demand. It is purchased for commercial carrying, personal use, production needs. The site presents small, standard and double-decker buses. Choose a suitable vehicle is not difficult.
  • Trailers. In the range of trailers for passenger cars and construction equipment. Products vary in size, capacity and number of axles.
  • Specialized equipment. On the site is actively implemented special equipment. Available equipment for various works: digging trenches, laying utilities, conducting geological surveys. In the sale of special equipment, adapted for use in particularly dangerous areas.

Buy a suitable car and help regular search engine. She will select the equipment based on the brand, year of manufacture, special technical characteristics.

Before you buy a truck or construction equipment, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Vehicle condition. Trucks and special equipment are subject to significant operational loads. In the absence of proper maintenance, they quickly fail, requiring costly repairs. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to conduct a technical inspection of the machine. The procedure is performed at a specialized station. It includes checking the power unit, transmission, hydraulic mechanisms. Upon completion of the inspection, the master will issue an opinion on the condition of the car.
  • Legal cleanliness. The sale of trucks and special equipment can be carried out by a person whose property has been seized. When registering such a vehicle for registration there will be serious problems. High-quality legal verification will help to avoid difficulties.
  • Car cost Some organizations sell special equipment at inflated prices. To eliminate overpayments will allow high-quality market monitoring. Compare the cost of the truck of interest with several vendors. This will give an idea of the real prices in the target segment.

When choosing trucks and special equipment it is important not to forget about the profile component. It is necessary to take into account the functionality of the equipment, its power, the possibility of modernization. There must be an accurate understanding of the purposes for which this or that machine is bought.


The implementation of trucks and special equipment provides several types of sellers:

  • Private individuals Individuals offering personalized trucks. Cooperation with such vendors is most fruitful. They are more willing to make concessions, they can give accompanying equipment with the car. As a rule, individuals implement the equipment of the primary and secondary segment. They will not be able to buy a truck for hazardous production.
  • Commercial organizations. Enterprises under private management. They offer solutions for every taste. Buyers are available trawls for transportation of special equipment, service vehicles, concrete pumps and holesholes. In the sale of trailers and spare parts.
  • State institutions. You can buy a truck in the state organization. Sale of existing equipment is usually associated with the renewal of the park or the dissolution of the enterprise. Products are sold in accordance with the stated rates.

When communicating with the seller, you should ask about the condition of the machine, its equipment and operating conditions. is a registered international trading platform. Here are the products from accredited distributors. In the sale of goods from England, Germany, USA, China. Many offers from Russia are published.

The resource has a lot of positive qualities:

  • Convenient interface. Working with the platform will not cause difficulties. A truck can be bought by beginners and experienced users. It offers visitors a functional personal account and a convenient navigation bar. The site is available on personal computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops. For mobile devices, a special interface has been developed, adapted for touch screens.
  • Multi-level relationship with the seller. You can interact with the implementer through the functional site, telephone or social networks. The buyer will be able to ask questions, get more information about the product.
  • Availability of auxiliary tools. Additional options will help to quickly sell an existing product. With their help, it will be possible to attract many interested buyers. Implementers have access to the following features:

  1. Pin ads in the top search bar
  2. Frame selection
  3. Display sticker "Urgent sale"
  4. Premium packages

  • Reliable user protection. Personal data of visitors is not transferred to third parties. The administration monitors compliance with the rules of the site, checks for suspicious ads and accounts. Each user complaint is subject to review.
  • A wide range of equipment. Used trucks to buy at any budget. The range of machines of domestic, European and Chinese production. Choose a suitable solution will be a novice entrepreneur and a large commercial enterprise. The number of cars periodically expands. New equipment appears regularly.
  • Practical search. Sort the appropriate lots will help the search algorithm. It is enough to enter a key phrase, for example, “Volvo trucks”, and the system will automatically issue the appropriate announcements. The search contains many options: vehicle type, year of manufacture, price.

Become an authorized user site. Just register and confirm your account. This can be done via email or an account on social networks. The procedure takes no more than one minute.

Buying a truck, bus, motorcycle and motorbike or other equipment is easier than you think. Using the service, you can buy a quality car, saving time, nerves and money.

Always on sale tractors, bulldozers and trucks, as well as spare parts and accessories, including a large selection of wheels, tires and wheels. Machines are sold by accredited sellers.


Having trouble? Refer to resource managers. Experts will help to cope with difficulties, will recommend a suitable product.