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Repair of refrigerators in Rostov-on-don

Rostov-on-don | Added: 2 April 2019, number: 123953
6 000 RUB
Our service "Rostov Auto Refrigerator" is engaged in repair and maintenance of refrigerators of all brands and manufacturers. Work around Rostov and the Rostov region also has a check in place of failure.
we repair and service refrigerators manufacturers such as : Alex Original (Alex Original), Carrier (karrier), Hwasung Thermo (Thermo hwasung), Thermo King (Termoking), Glodal Freeze (global Friz), King Tec (king Tech), Zanotti (Zanotti), Elinzh, Promkholod-ASM, Thermal Master (Termal Master), Dongin Thermo (Thermo dongin).
the specialists of our company conduct the repair, maintenance and refilling of refrigerators of any complexity, all parts available.
the timing of repair of the refrigerator truck takes on average from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the breakdown of the refrigerator truck. Provide service maintenance of refrigerators and scheduled maintenance quickly and efficiently.
work for cash and cashless payments. We have all the necessary equipment, and vast experience in this field.
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if you need to make the repair and maintenance of refrigerator, with quality and warranty , please contact us we will do everything at its best!
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