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How is it profitable to rent an apartment?

17 May
15 000 RUB
12 December
1 690 RUB
10 June
25 000 RUB
8 October
10 000 RUB
20 February
Pass Rostov-on-don
11 000 RUB
5 June
Pass Rostov-on-don
20 000 RUB
30 May
19 000 RUB
28 February
10 000 RUB
27 February
13 000 RUB
28 November
10 000 RUB
25 November
14 000 RUB
19 August
Pass Rostov-on-don
11 500 RUB
21 July
12 000 RUB

Using the Narmala platform, you can rent an apartment.
When submitting an advertisement, it is recommended to specify:
• The area of ​​the apartment. One of the most important parameters. The larger the area of ​​the apartment, the more expensive its lease. Spacious housing is often rented by several people. This reduces the monthly payment, allows you to save on utilities.
• Available amenities. The apartment can have a wash basin, shower or toilet. Such objects are most in demand among tenants.
• Location. apartments located in the central part of the city are more expensive. This is due to convenient transport interchange, proximity to shops and educational institutions.
• Information about neighbors. Decent neighbors are beneficial both to the owner and the lessee. They look after the object, help the tenant in a difficult situation.
In the section "Rent" you can apply for free. It is enough to register on the site and use its functionality.
Quick search for a tenant
Narmala.com is a large bulletin board, housing rentals are offered by individuals and commercial organizations. To stand out among other users will help with additional options:
• Raising the ad. Your offer takes the leading place in the search. The greatest number of visitors will pay attention to it.
• The icon is "urgent". Urgent sales are associated with excellent discounts. The corresponding symbol motivates customers to familiarize themselves with your offer.
• Highlighting. Ads in a bright frame are most noticeable. On them the greatest number of transitions is observed.
• Fastening. The announcement is recorded at the top of the site. It is displayed regardless of search results, which allows you to attract additional customers.
Get a discount when using the options will help packages "x5" and "x25". They allow you to apply a full range of services with savings of up to 45%.

Still have questions about using the site? Consult a staff consultant. Specialists will help to submit an announcement, talk about the features of the resource, recommend additional services. A lot of useful information is presented in the section "Help".