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Ads: purchase, sale and rental of garages and car spaces

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Within the Narmala area are many garages. In the range of solutions for private and commercial use. Offers buildings in residential and industrial areas, as well as commercial real estate and land. 

Garages are sold:

  • Developers - in the construction of new houses, the company often erect garages. They can acquire settlers and third-party buyers. Such buildings are implemented without intermediaries, their cost is low. 
  • Agencies - realtors offer to purchase or rent a garage in various areas. They have an extensive database of objects. For assistance in selecting the garage and registration of the transaction agencies take a commission. 
  • Private individuals - the ads “Selling a garage from the owner” are the most numerous on the site. When working with a private individual, you do not need to pay commissions and fees; it is easier to negotiate a discount.

Some ads are marked with the Hot Offer icon. Such objects are sold at a significant discount. 

What garage can I buy? sells many varieties of garages. The main ones are: 

  • Brick - Capital buildings, characterized by high operational resource. At the brick garage price is the highest. This is due to high construction costs and high consumer qualities of the building. 
  • Block - Structures of foam concrete or expanded clay concrete blocks. They are inferior to brick in sound and heat insulation, but they are cheaper. With proper care block garage will last more than one year. 
  • Metal - Low cost designs that require maintenance. Metal garage is vulnerable to corrosion, needs regular painting. 

When choosing a garage should take into account its location, capacity, design features. In case of difficulty, it is recommended to consult a specialist. This will eliminate financial and temporary losses. 

Features of the use of the garage 

Modern garage - not only a place to store cars. Such a building has a lot of applications: 

  • Warehouse - As part of the garage you can store gear, canned goods, car parts, building materials. The owner has access to things at any time. Products are protected from precipitation and harassment of intruders. 
  • Workshop - In the garage often organize auto service or private work area. Here you can perform welding, carpentry and painting work. The cost of electricity in the garage cooperatives is low. This allows you to use powerful equipment with minimal cost. 
  • Recreation area - On the territory adjacent to the garage you can place a gazebo or barbecue facilities. 

To rent a garage or buy it in the property, everyone decides for himself. It all depends on personal preferences and tasks that the building solves. 

Work with Narmala 

Buying a garage on is easier than you think. It is enough to go through a simple registration and select the appropriate offer. Finding the best solution will help you: 

  • Search Opportunities - Using the site functionality, you can sort ads based on price, photo availability, type of offer. 
  • Graphic Tips - Icons and selections will indicate great deals. They signal discounts and urgent sales. 
  • Site Specialists - Any Questions? Contact consultants. They will tell you how to choose the right ad and contact the seller. 

Working with is a great opportunity to make a great deal. 

What to look for when choosing a garage? 

Before you buy a garage, it is worth a thorough inspection. Do it better in the daytime, in bright sunshine. This will allow to determine the obvious and hidden defects, to accurately assess the degree of wear of the structure.


Below we consider the main parameters that deserve attention.


Wall condition


On the surface of the brick walls should not be detached and cracked. Their presence is a sign of unreliability of masonry. Such a garage can collapse under the pressure of external factors: temperature changes, high humidity, mechanical stress.


Fresh plaster is a cause for concern. It is possible that it is applied to hide the existing defects.


The walls of the metal garage should be painted. The presence of deep corrosion indicates a significant deterioration of the structure. Such a structure will not provide the car with adequate protection.


Ground around the building


Next to the garage should not be bumps and failures. The latter indicate the shrinkage of the soil, may be a sign of the imminent appearance of groundwater.


The uneven staircase will create difficulties during the winter operation of the garage. Hitting a wheel in an icy pit will immobilize the car for several minutes and even hours. Under unfavorable circumstances, the driver will have to seek outside help.


Presence of groundwater


The proximity of groundwater creates the risk of flooding the basement. This will increase the level of humidity in the garage, make it impossible for its normal operation.


If water is found when inspecting an object in the basement, it is better to refuse to buy it.


Roof condition


The roof is inspected outside and inside. Such a campaign allows you to identify most of the shortcomings. The most common problems are: 

  1. Delamination of waterproofing materials - Waterproofing loosely adheres to the ceiling and allows moisture to pass through. This leads to premature plate wear and butt seals. 
  2. The presence of leaks - Roof does not provide hermetic protection of the room. Atmospheric precipitation penetrates the garage, causing damage to the load-bearing elements and the vehicle. 
  3. Plate deformation - A change in plate geometry is accompanied by cracks and irregularities. Buying or renting a garage with such problems is not advisable. 

High-quality inspection of the garage will avoid unprofitable purchases. After spending a few minutes of your time, you will get an idea of ​​the real value of the structure, identify its advantages and disadvantages. 

Buy or rent a garage? 

On the site Narmala presented ads for the rental and sale of garages. Which option to choose? What will suit the car enthusiast the most? Consider both solutions in more detail.


Buying a garage 


Acquisition of the building as a property is a crucial step, involving significant financial expenses. 

  • The advantages of this solution include: 

  1. Independence from third parties. 
  2. Ability to equip the garage on your own. 
  3. The absence of periodic fees, as well as the risks associated with their increase. 
  4. The possibility of expanding the structure: the construction of the second floor or extension. 

  • Disadvantages: 

  1. At the garage the price can be quite high. Such an acquisition will strike at the family budget. 
  2. Additional expenses for the maintenance of the building. 
  3. Payment of taxes and fees. 

Garage sale may be delayed for a long time. These objects are not distinguished by high liquidity. 

Garage rental 

The second option is to rent a garage.

  • The advantages of this solution: 

  1. The absence of significant lump-sum expenses. 
  2. The ability to move out at any time with minimal financial losses. 
  3. No need to solve organizational issues: attend meetings of owners and interact with regulatory authorities. 

  • Disadvantages: 

  1. The inability to adapt the garage for their own needs. 
  2. Risk of rent increases. 
  3. Compliance with additional rules established by the owner. 

Choose a suitable option car owner should own. This should take into account the financial possibilities, the remoteness of the garage, as well as its condition.


Find advantageous offers for the rental and sale of garages can be on the site Narmala . Thousands of ads from organizations and individuals are presented to your attention. Finding the best solution is not difficult!