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Orenburg | Added: 15 November 2018 number: 102390
    Books of foreign and Russian authors , new, 90 - 100 for the book :
    tales of Russian writers
    the Shtilman, "the heir of Kalkuty"
    Pushkin's "poems of the Lyceum period,"
    Feuchtwanger's"Goya "
    , Somerset Maugham "the moon and sixpence ", " Theatre "
    .Dumas "45", "sylvander ", "teacher factomania" black Tulip " , "Diana" , "Queen Margot" , "the Three Musketeers"
    Pikul', Favorit
    Solovyov "reading on the history of Russia" ,
    decide your destiny - horoscopes, divination , charms
    George sand "the Countess Rudolstadt"
    , Vinogradov "a tale of Turgenev brothers "., The Condemnation Of Paganini
    Tolstoy "War and Peace"
    , Ladin "last journey of Vladimir Monomakh" ,
    Bunin " Stories "
    Charles de Coster's "the legend of Eulenspiegel ",
    Dreiser "the stoic", "Hold"
    Louis bussenard's "the kidnappers of diamonds "
    , rider haggard "king Solomon's mines"
    R. Sabatini, "the sea hawk" .Scaramouche "
    Cooper's "Spy, ""Pathfinder"
    Danilevsky "Runaway in the new Russia" , will " Princess Tarakanova "
    Tolstoy " Peter the great "
    the Evelyn In "Officers and gentlemen" ,
    carp "Not a single sword"
    Ladin " In the days of Caracalla "
    .Maurice Druon -a series "Damned kings"
    the collected works of Jack London -4toma
    the collected works of Verne (6 volumes )
    I. Gauf "tales"
    M. TWAIN "the Prince and the pauper"
    Stevenson "treasure island"
    L. N. Tolstoy "the Story"
    Vladimir Nabokov's "despair "
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