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Infrared gas transmitter (light type)

Orenburg | Added: 26 September 2017, number: 14130
12 320 RUB
Address: Orenburg, Шевченко, 20, map
Infrared gas transmitter (light type)
Euceramic is a standalone emitter, light type, developed on the latest technologies. Lightweight and compact, occupying very little space, Euceramic allows you to precisely focus the radiant energy flux directly into the heating zone. One of the main advantages Euceramic – the use of physical principles of radiation to heat only certain selected areas, eliminating wasteful spending on heating the entire area of a large room. Thanks to the development of each emitter based on the individual needs of clients and optimization of production costs, with the Euceramic system, it becomes possible to heat only where you need it, when and how much You need. Healthy environment. Clean and healthy environment without the movement of air masses and dust.
Reliability. Maintenance is virtually nonexistent due to the use of high quality materials in production.
Silence. The absolute lack of noise.
Versatility. Perfect for any room.
Performance. Quick start and reach the set power.
Efficiency. Reduction in energy consumption for operation.
Comfort. Comfortable temperature without the thermal gradient. Free floor and wall space.
Local heating. The possibility of heating separate areas of the room.
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