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Whole Milk Replacer 16/22% Premium

Omsk | Added: 15 October 2018 number: 98100
    Substitute milk spray drying. Vpaivaetsja from 10th day of life the calf. 16%.
    whole milk replacer 16% – designed specifically to meet the needs of young newborn calves. Along with very good taste, 16% brings growth and rumen development to the maximum. Is an optimally balanced blend, rich in dairy products. Lactose, which is a part of 16%, driving the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the gut and lactic acid production. Thanks to it, animals feel better and successfully cope with diseases of the intestine. Feed additives impart a pleasant taste and aroma, which will not change during prolonged storage.
    contains Multi-protect-formula – optimal blend of natural ingredients to enhance feed digestibility, improve immune status, lowering morbidity.
    ingredients: pasteurized skim milk, buttermilk, milk whey, vitamins, minerals, probiotic complex, flavor.
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