Поиск в регионе Omsk

Complex delivery of the equipment

shipping from the city ofOmsk | Added: 19 June 2017 number: 2167
100 RUB
Performed complex delivery:
-household gas (SG-1, SGC, SGB), industrial (SVG.M, SG-16МТ, RVG, Dymetic, IRGA-RV)
drum (GSB-400, RG-7000, Ritter, RGS-1,2)
-pair (SVP, Dymetic, Dnieper, MS, IRGA-2.3)
-milk (RM-5P, SVEM, SM-16)
-water (SGV/grasping-15, SCM-15-50, STVU-65-150, STVG-65-150, HMC-50-200, WCC-15-250, SVU-50, SVU-100, szhu)
-oil (NORD-M, MIG), oil (SMO, PPO, PPV, PPT, DFM, Control VZO4-VZO8, K600, TF-18, TF-1, IR-1, MGE-110, MG-80E, Pressol-23287, MGE-40-50, К24, DLY-25, FM-1, szhu)
-energy meters (ST-10, TEM-104, TEM-106, KM-5, MAGIKA, TJC-7, etc.)
-valve KTZ-15-200, CEG-9720, USCG, KIPVALVE WTR223, VN, VF, PSK, PKAN, CSGA
-flaw (UD2-12, UD2-70, etc.), oscilloscope, thickness gauges, hardness testers, levels, theodolites, total stations
-pressure gauges (МП2У, MP3, МП4У, ДМ2010, ДМ2005, TIR, ICC, MTPS, MO 1226, 1227, MO, MO 11201, МТИ1216, MIT 1218, MIT 1232, MTC, SS, mku, MSU, meter, DM 93, etc.), thermostats, testers, thermometers, analyzers, sensors relays, automation of boiler-houses, etc.
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