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Leather clutches, purses, bags, etc. Handicrafts

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ARGALI / leather handmade
We are located in the center of Russia, the center of the Earth and so the center of the UNIVERSE! The Republic of Altai is a place of power, a territory with extraordinary energy, a place where no one has gone before.
The indigenous population for centuries has survived because of its ability to use the gifts that nature provides: berries, herbs, wood and of course LEATHER. And now, having accumulated all passed down from generation to generation the experience, the master of "ARGALI" are their masterpieces. Possessing secret knowledge and pure thoughts, the masters put into every product a piece of his soul!
Purchase of finished products: clutch bags, wallets, notebooks, bags � � etc., and also order any product from the skin, which you want, from small bracelets or trinkets to huge travel bags and just what you wanted on your wide soul �
Buy retail or make a wholesale order! We are ready to fulfill your every wish.
As noted in the writings of the Roman architect���Marcus Vitruvius (l century BC): "Architecture is triune: it is eternally combines the logic of the scientist, the craft of the master and inspiration of the artist."
In the future, we have created a formula: Architecture = Benefit + Strength + Beauty.
When creating your products, we adhere to these three pillars! Whether it be a bag, clutch or Notepad it will be most Useful to you for daily life, any product made to last and will serve You for many years���! And even after decades it will be as beautiful, elegant and fashionable..
The modern market is full of fakes, copies, imitations and just low-quality product consumes quantity and cheapness of any quality. Each of our products, like the Argali, shall be entered in the red book. We're rare, exclusive, wish!
Finally, in human life is left of things, servants of the decade. Every year a new smartphone line of cars, trends and fashion.
We invite You to stop time - we offer LIVE!
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