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Coal, coal briquettes, anthracite, coke

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Coal briquettes are eco-friendly and highly efficient, with
used in Metallurgy, power plants, and private homes. When
burning do not emit smoke and leave ash. Only
a fine ash.
only wholesale deliveries of not less than 69 tons.
a-grade coal, T, D
the basic characteristics of TB.
1. Increased heat transfer:
1.1. The briquet composed of fine particles, whereby in
the combustion of briquettes is more permeable than a monolithic lump of coal.
the briquette is burned completely. The result: fuel savings of
1.2. Low moisture content due to
heat treatment of the briquettes. Minimized losses
vaporization. The result: fuel savings of 5%.
1.3. The shape and size of the briquette provide high
the permeability of the bulk layer. Consequence: fuel economy
2. Environmentally friendly products. Additives in briquettes
are designed to improve their environmental impact and improve
consumer qualities (the color of the burning smell).
3. Purity. The products are Packed in cardboard boxes (bags).
coal stock can be stored carefully Packed
briquettes, taking up 2-3 times less space.
the result: saving space outbuildings.
4. No loss during transportation and handling. At
statistics of coal losses during transportation and loading
reach up to 20%.
5. Easier to maintain the combustion process in the furnace. Missing
the phenomenon of caking coal in the layer due to a more uniform
the distribution of particulate ash in briquettes.
the result: simplifying maintenance of furnaces and fireplaces and
fuel economy by 2, 5%.
6. Quality assurance and compliance certification. Control
quality exposed the entire batch of briquettes.
7. The smaller volume of briquettes. As a consequence of the above
five points for one and the same period must TB 1, 6
times smaller (min) than coal. The result: savings
the area under the coal warehouse, the service time of the furnace.
advantages of coal briquetting:
increase in the size of the coal product podoscopy
form size 70х70х40 mm ;
the reduction of emissions to the atmosphere during combustion;
as a result of the briquetting process the coal is obtained
briquette is high quality with standard indicators;
ease of transport and storage;
the ability to easily control the flow rate with use;
an environmentally friendly product that does not
includes chemical additives;
high heat in the combustion process of the coal briquette;
coal briquettes are easily ignited and burn enough
for a long time;
solution to the problem of spontaneous combustion of stuff in the process
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