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Crusher grain PDM - 22

Nizhny Novgorod | Added: 2 November 2017 number: 20391
159 000 RUB
Hammer pneumotropica the PDM is designed for grinding of feed ingredients.
Perfect for crushing loose and fine-grained raw material: grains, corn, beans, meal, oil cake etc.
Design features:
 Pneumatic loading and unloading allow to do without additional conveying equipment.
 Download of the raw materials is carried out from any location within reach of the feeding pipeline (up to 10m).
 Easy adjustment of fineness of grind of the product (carried out by the installation of interchangeable sieves with different diameter perforation from 2 to 10 mm).
 No over crushing product meal (the content of particles ≤0.2 mm less than 12%).
 Hardened track bushing and motor extend the operation of the crusher.
 Crushing chamber is enlarged in width and provides high performance.
Capacity: up to 3,5 t/h. Power is 22 kW.
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