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The cashier mobile

Mytishchi | Added: 15 May 2019 number: 132591

Address: Mytishchi, Мытищи, show the map

  • Schedule:: Full day, Replacement schedule, Free schedule 
• Implementation of cash management operations
• Advising buyers
• Verification of compliance and availability of price tags
• A desire to work and earn money;
• Care
• Experience in the following positions: merchandiser, the salesman, the cashier, the seller, the cashier, an employee of a trading hall is encouraged, but not required!
dear candidates, we invite you to fill the following position:
the seller-the cashier in a network of shops "Dixie"Moscow
salary of 38,000 rubles (is paid for each hour worked)
• Payment twice a month (advance salary)
• Salary is paid on a credit card (always on time)
• No deductions for the shortage of goods in the store (no fines)
• There is no reference to the execution of the store plan (rate per hour recorded in the contract)
• Any schedule or watch
• Payment of wages at the end of the watch
• Weekly advances
• Watch 21/30/45/60 days with accommodation and without accommodation
• Free training
we are waiting for You in our team!
answers to most popular questions:
1. Availability of medical books, if not, we will help You to make it. We do not make money on medical books and do not mark up the cost to workers, so owner is 1,750 rubles (compare the price yourself and do not be fooled by unscrupulous employers)
2. Employment is free of charge
3. Making contract GPC
4. There is no deception in the wages (payment terms and rates are fixed in the contract, the payment comes to Bank card)
5. Snils for registration of the NPF (private pension funds) are not needed (beware of fraud)
if You didn't get through.
send an SMS with the text: "work" and we will call You back.
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