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Salt-lick "liminal-universal" Premium (box 20 kg)

Moscow | Added: 29 January 2019, number: 113714
16 RUB
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1 kg--16 RUB
in box 4 briquette 5 kg
shipping auto and railway
the company Eskoriatza
Limasol-universal Premium
mineral salt lick for cattle and small cattle
designed for cows, bulls, heifers, calves, sheep and goats.
salt-lick "liminal-universal Premium" is ideally suited for inclusion in the diet of large and small cattle is an essential mineral Supplement for composing a full-fledged daily menu. With regular use of the licks from animals eliminates the possibility of mass disease due to the absence or lack of salt.
with regular use:
- restores electrolyte balance
- increases appetite
- restores the deficit of microelements
- normalizes metabolism
- improves the digestibility of feed
- improves milk yield and weight gain
"liminal-universal Premium" is available in the form of briquettes square shape with a through hole in the center, white, 5 kg, Packed in a corrugated box with 4 pieces.
thanks to the hole in the middle of the lick can be hung what to do licking more convenient.
method of application: salt lick need to put or hang a feeder. Thanks to salt lick for the animals themselves using the mechanism of self-regulation determine the necessary amount of salt, so the overdose in this case is impossible.
it is necessary to ensure free access of the animal to the briquettes and water.
ingredients: sodium chloride rock salt 1 grade (sodium chloride), vitamin D3, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, iodine, cobalt, selenium, magnesium, flavoring.
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