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Molasses lick "cristanol-пт1"

Moscow | Added: 29 January 2019 number: 113697
41 RUB
1 kg--41 RUB
the bucket 12 kg
shipping auto and railway
the company Eskoriatza
cristanol-пт1 (molasses Licks FOR Calves Aged 0-4 Months) high Quality energy-protein feed Supplement with minerals, trace elements and vitamins for calves aged 0 to 4 months of feed Balanced carbohydrate complex to the basic diet in the form of a briquette maker for agricultural and wild animals. Main functions Supplement "cristabol-пт1": - is the free time of the calf; - increases daily weight gain without any additional feed costs; - reduces the time of feeding of young animals; - prevents digestive disorders and catarrhal diseases; - prevents diseases of the hooves and joints, lameness, paralysis; - improves palatability and absorption of coarse, juicy and grain forages; - strengthens the immune system and resistance to stress; - has a pleasant taste and high quality. Ingredients: molasses, beet sugar, mineral complex, premix Cattle.
vitamin a 100.000 IU
vitamin D is 10,000 IU
vitamin E 200 mg
vitamin H, 2 mg
iron 800 mg
zinc 1200 mg
manganese 800 mg
copper 600 mg
iodine 100 mg
cobalt 10 mg
sugar 222 mg
selenium 5 mg
calcium 109 g
phosphorus 18 g
sodium 68 g
magnesium 30 g
crude protein 38 g
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