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Frameless hangars

shipping from the city ofMoscow | Added: 2 June 2017 number: 938
    Frameless hangars are the best choice in our time! After all major construction takes a lot of money, and construction has been delayed for many months. That is why the company "MBK-Hangar" offers to your attention a mobile frameless hangars construction of which is just a couple of weeks. The price for this hangar is minimal.
    This is not a complete list of the advantages of this structure:
    * The possibility of self-Assembly an arched portable hangar without the use of special equipment
    * 1000 sqm of hangar 14 days
    * Does not require complex foundations
    * Legalization of pre-fabricated hangars do NOT have
    * Quality control at ALL stages of production
    * The ability to transport the hangar in a disassembled state
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